I have officially lost it

(Luca trying to tell me to calm it down already, sheesh!)

Actually, he’s saying either cookie or color. But that’s neither here nor there. I’ve lost it. I’m a woman on the edge. I’m standing at the ledge and looking down.

OK, maybe not that crazy, but I’m a tad nuts.

I’m nesting.

I’ve never done this before. It sounds weird when I say it out loud. “Nest…ting…” Weird. So not me. I’m typically the kind of girl who embraces rest periods, breaks and down time. However, about a few weeks ago, I began going overboard. I mean, overboard. Things that should have been done in a weeks time were done in one day and I was left paying the consequences of sore hips, butt and back. Now, part of it I blame on myself, the other part I’m going to blame on the tiny human growing in my midsection.

Not only does this little person tell me to eat five cookies after I go to the gym, but it tells me to clean stuff and bake stuff and make impossible dinners. Just sit on a stool while you do it. You can still get it all done today. Why relax? I’m only going to make your life difficult. Get used to it now…

Today I hit rock bottom. I oxi-cleaned my sofa and dining room chairs with a vegetable brush.



I did, however, manage to finally touch up the paint in four different rooms. And I used my old toothbrush to clean the baseboards in the bathroom. And I scrubbed out the fridge. And I stopped Claire from strangulating herself with a jump rope. To her it was a “Tree Climber 3000,” and to me it was a quick death. And I taught Luca the fine art of cleaning up crayons after he fell from his toddler chair in an attempt to get them…it was raining crayons!

Luca’s OK by the way. Just a bruise or two. Claire says it’s OK, because he’s a hockey player.

I wanted to mop the floors while the kids napped, but I thought better of that. Instead I ate an entire box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese and am currently watching an old rerun of Grey’s Anatomy. (Don’t judge me.)

And just on cue, with me resting, feet up and happy, the phone rings. Bah! And of course, by the time I got there, there was no one there.


As a reward, I will now eat cookies. I baked them, so I can.

Again, don’t judge me.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Claire has a great attitude about the bumps and bruises. But tell me, does it only apply to her brother?

    • Ha ha. Actually, no. We tell her to ‘walk it off’ if it’s a small incident. She’ll say, “Yah, Mama. I can cuz I’m a hockey player! We’re tough.”

      It’s too cute it’s almost nauseating.

      • Cute, and very very useful.

        I’ve always found that unless the injury is really bad, the kid will take cues from their parents, regarding how big of a scene to make.

        Sounds like you’ve got a pretty tough one on your hands. And with a big sister that’s that tough, how can the Boy cry about anything? Brilliant!

  2. That’s so funny because cookies have been my down fall. I want to bake and eat them all the time. If things get really desperate, I will console myself with Bare Naturals chocolate chip cookies.

    And while I haven’t pulled out the toothbrush yet, I’m am distraught over the fact that I desperately need someone to do some heavy lifting to I can organize all the furniture in the dining room and haul Mark’s old computer servers to goodwill… or the trash bin.

    Also, I want to throw away all the clutter, which I could end up regretting…

    • The way I see it, if you bake it, you eat it. It’s only fair. And the same can go for if you buy it, too. Just my opinion, though.

      Trust me – don’t do the heavy lifting. It’s SO not worth it when you get to this point of pregnancy. Just let it annoy you so you can freak out on your husband. It’s fun to freak out on your husband. Do it while you can!

  3. Oh geez, I remember those days! You try to do everything only to learn one day (sometimes after a broken bone or broken morale) that you just can’t! Cassie, eat cookies, watch Grey’s Anatomy and STOP CLEANING! This is the only time you will ever have this baby all to yourself. Once born, this child belongs not only to the family but to the world and you have to share. I didn’t want to share, so I would sit in a rocking chair, eat smoked oysters out of a can, topped-off with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and listen to my favorite music. When I wasn’t chewing, I was singing! This baby inside me would be the only person in the world who ever thought I had a great voice. And…the baby is a captive audience, if you know what I mean. You have years to clean, but soon you will have to present this child to the rest of us. Poor Baby…. Take care!

  4. Baby, baby, baby…. Love, Mommy

  5. I’m OCD, so if/when I start nesting, there’s no TELLING how bad it’s going to be around here. YIKES.

    But maybe if you’re OCD, you do the opposite of nesting. Maybe I’ll turn into a giant slob.

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