Reason 983 why having a good doctor is important


That’s why.

Because when you call your doctor at 7 AM, desperate, claiming to be “a pregnant woman on the edge,” and near tears he calmly says, “can I check you out? Would it be OK for you to come to the hospital and meet me on your floor? I’ll check you over.”

Not to mention he looks like Anderson Cooper and is by far the nicest person on the planet. And I thought this before today.

So here’s theĀ scenario:

I’m on day nine-million of no sleep when my ear of all friggin things starts to THROB. My ear. Like I’m 3 with Otitis Media. So I’m praying to God that my benadryl kicks in and I sleep, but what does it do instead? Makes me more awake. So at 3 am, I was paying my mortgage. I was able to get back to sleep until 6 and then I just couldn’t do it anymore. I went downstairs, made some tea, felt sorry for myself and sulked. At 7, I paged my doctor. (Well, my doctor wasn’t on call, but the one who was is effing fantastic and happens to be Matt’s, and highly respected in my book. I tend to like having a female physician, but that’s just me.)

He called back quickly, probably because he knows me and probably because he’s awesome.

Doc: Hey, it’s Brian.

Me: I’m a 38 week pregnant woman on the edge. I know I have a sinus infection, but instead of getting better, every day I get worse. And NOW my EAR hurts. MY EAR. I can’t hear out of my ear and I can feel the fluid moving about. And the worst? I haven’t slept in 2 weeks.

Doc: I’m going on rounds at the hospital at 8:30, I’ll be there until 4. Is it unreasonable for you to meet me there so I can check you over? Get you some meds and perhaps some sleep?

Me: You’re my favorite.

Doc: OK, just page me when you get there and I’ll come find you.

Me: Life saver. You. You are a life saver.

I then went upstairs and woke up Matt and told him what the plan was. Then I called Mom.

She’s funny.

It was 7:30 and she answered the phone half awake in a panic. So I quickly said, “No baby time. I swear. It’s something different.” Then I told her the deal.

So while my Mom is on reason 8473 of why she’s awesome, she came over and man-handled the children while Matt drove me to work to have a ‘house call.’ (How cool is that?)

My diagnosis is an ear infection (on top of the sinus infection I already had.) Apparently adults can get them. Personally, I thought it was a kid’s disease. Figures I’d be the odd ball.

He prescribed me some antibiotics and codeine. Because pregnant woman are allowed codeine. And the codeine is supposed to help me sleep.

I’m not getting myself all jazzed up thinking I’m going to sleep like the dead tonight, because I’ve already had two doses of the stuff and only napped for an hour each time. But it’s day time and the kids were playing downstairs and all the damn animals HAD to be in the room with me. So who knows.

I may actually get better. That’s the bottom line. I may actually feel normal again. Because for the past week I’ve felt like death warmed over and I think I’m being a bit kind on that statement.

I mean – how pathetic am I? I was in the car with Matt this morning while he was driving me to work and I said, “This baby can’t come now. It just can’t. Because I can’t. I can’t do it right now,” and started to cry.

So baby, you’ve got 12 more days. Enjoy them. Thanks.



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  1. It’s 11:00 right now and I reeeeeeally hope you’re getting some rest. Hope you feel better! Ear problems are so bogus, because the problem is inescapable. Nothing to rub…

    With any luck the meds will fix you up…

  2. Ugh. As if the normal pains of pregnancy weren’t enough! Good thing you’re off work for a while. And you’re right, amazing doctor!

  3. You poor thing. Just READING this makes me want to cry.

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