Baby guessing time!

Hello from Germ-Haven! I still feel crappy, but I’ll be on the mend. I swear.

So here’s the fun part of the pregnancy: guessing time!

I want to hear from you guys. I need a good laugh.

Here’s what I want to know:

When you think the baby is coming?

How much the baby weighs and how long is it?

Is it a boy or a girl?

Will I actually get to hold the baby right away or will it be like Claire and poop in utero?

Knowing me and my style of names, what do you think I’ll name the baby for the gender you think it’ll be?

How many hours of labor will I endure?


For accuracy sake, here’s my previous kids’ vitals:

Claire Raelyn: 6 lbs 13 oz, 18 inches long. I gained 18 pounds that pregnancy.

Luca Matthew: 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long. I gained 25 pounds that go around.

So far, I’ve gained … well, I lost 5 pounds during my illness, but at one point I had gained 27 pounds. So make what you will of that information.

Whoever is closest wins my respect. So anyone who says I’m having a 10 pound baby can pretty much kiss any likeness I had towards you goodbye.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. This one will be 2 days early.

    I’m guessing 8#3oz because that was the weight of both Laynie & Louie. 21.5 inches long.

    Its a girl because my 2nd girl was the most miserable pregnancy of the three.

    It will not poop because its put you through enough already.

    My name guess is Thora because Thor popped into my head & the I remembered I was guessing a girl. And you like short, not common but not out there names.

    And lastly, you’ll be lucky to make it an L&D room, you lucky quick-labored bitch. πŸ™‚

  2. This one will be overdue by three days. Just ’cause it thinks it’s all that and bag of chips being the youngest πŸ˜‰

    I’m thinking 8 lbs. 6 oz., 20 1/2″ long

    Boy because you’re all front and hanging low

    You’ll hold him right away because he will demand it being the youngest (haha!)

    Names? First name, no clue, but the middle name will be a family name I’m sure.

    Labor from first contractions to delivery? 4 hours.

    I wish there were some sort of prize to win for the most accurate, like a trip to Pittsburgh to meet Baby Boy Conti πŸ˜‰

  3. I know nothing about birthin’ no babies, but I’ll take a couple shots…
    Name: Jordan Sidney (can be used for boy or girl, hence the brilliance of that answer!)
    8 pounds, 7 oz. 8-7, get it?
    Born 1 day late.
    Short labor, like 4 hours. Cuz you’re all in shape and probably have killer abs, under all that baby.
    You will hold right away because you will demand it and they know to listen to you.

    Mostly, I hope it goes smoothly for mommy and baby. And you should still try to get that gnome hat on it.

  4. Deb K from Harrisburg

    When you think the baby is coming?

    How much the baby weighs and how long is it? 8 lbs.

    Is it a boy or a girl? girl

    Will I actually get to hold the baby right away or will it be like Claire and poop in utero? hold the baby right away

    Knowing me and my style of names, what do you think I’ll name the baby for the gender you think it’ll be? no guess.

    Labor time – 2 hours. I think you’re gonna be ready to pop this baby out.

  5. Ummm….. Babies can poop en utero??

    I’ve never done the prego thing (lol) so I’m takine a shot.

    Baby will be 8 days early

    I am pretty sure it will be a little boy

    He will be 8lbs, 6oz and 20 inches long

    You will get to hold the baby right away.

    I think that you will name the baby “Let’s Go Pens” because it’s a popular name in your house πŸ™‚

    And I think Matt will be delivering the baby on the way to the hospital. Maybe 1 hour start to finish (the baby’s almost out as it is!)

    Good Luck Chica!

  6. The baby is coming in one week.

    It will weigh 7 lbs, 7 oz and be 22 inches long because that’s what I was. (It would be the last time in my life I would ever be tall for my age.)

    It’s a girl.

    You will get to hold her right away because she will be as healthy as a…hamster. (That was the first animal I could think of that begins with H.)

    Her name will be Bonquiqui Shahneekwah Afrique Conti. Because you will steal my super secret baby name.

    And you will be in labor for 4.5 hours. Here’s hoping, right?!

  7. Hmmmm…

    Feb 10.
    It’s a boy.
    You get to hold him right away!
    7lbs, 8oz, 21 3/4 inches
    Henry Dean Conti:) Just popped into my head – I’m sure it was esp – he he. πŸ˜‰
    1.5 hours. Tada!!!

  8. I think you’re having a girl and she will come one day after her due date just to make you sweat it out a little (because that’s what 3rd children do). I think she’ll weigh in right at 8lbs. You like old, but slightly offbeat names. I’ll go with Elizabeth because it was one of my favorites growing up. I’m hoping you’ll have a short labor since she’s already down so far… 4 hours. I also think you will get to hold her right away.

    Can’t wait!

  9. I suck at this. But here goes:

    It’s a boy.
    3 days late, because it’s a boy
    You’ll get him right away, because guys are regular as clockwork
    8 lbs, 4 oz
    Duncan Sidney (veered away from Hugo Andre at the last minute)
    Labor? 3 hrs and 15 minutes

    I hope I win!

  10. Tracy Haraldson

    1. Saturday, Feb 5th
    2. 8 lbs. 5 oz 22 in long
    3. BOY!
    4. hold the baby right away
    5.Aiden Martin
    6. Labor time – 2 hours.

    • I like the name, Tracy! If you still need any suggestions for this boy, I’d go with hers, Cassie!

      • We already have the middle name picked out and it’s not Martin, as there is already one out there, Mr. Gabriel! It’s time to go with Matt’s family this go-around. And that’s all I’m sayin’.

      • Tracy Haraldson

        Okay, She said Martin wasn’t the middle name, but Aiden? Perhaps Andreas?

        The way I see it is C L A I R E

        Claire starts with C
        Luca Starts with L which is Claire’s 2nd inital, SO the next babe needs to start with A, Claire’s 3rd letter! LOL

      • Ha ha. The boy’s name we have picked out has both an A, a L and a C in it, but not in that order.

      • You mean you aren’t going to name him Alc? Come one. Alc is a great name -hahahahahahaha!

  11. dammit, i’m late to this, but here are my guesses:

    you’re going to birth a human with a vagina, who has not pooped in utero, on february 9th. she will weigh 7lbs 13oz (my birth weight…clearly, she’ll be awesome) and be 20 1/4 inches long.

    i’m not going to guess on names because i feel i may have some insider information.

    labor…hmmm. im not a good judge of this because the only labor i’ve ever endured ran for 52 hours and ended in an emergency csection with general anesthesia. so yeah, my guess would probably be far from normal. i will say i hope it’s quick and easy, though.

    can’t wait to hear your news!!!

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