this stuff only happens to me

First of all, OMG, those predictions are cracking me up. I’m impressed no one thinks that this baby won’t crap it’s little baby pants before making its grand entrance. I still can’t believe Claire did it. And the amount of explicative that came out of my mouth when I first noticed was impressive.

In general, my face still hurts, but in no way, shape or form to what it HAS been feeling like, so I’ll take that as a victory.

I saw my OB today and she said no baby yet. But thenagain, I’ve been like this with every baby prior, where nothing happens, until all of a sudden, I have a baby.

Plus, everyone’s guessing it’ll only be a 4 hour or less labor. In my dreams! This is a prime reason why you guys are great. I should have mentioned my laboring time… Claire was 11 hours and Luca was 9 hours or something. The deal with me is, once I get going into “active labor” I only last an hour. So it’s just that damn latent period that gets me. And Pitocin. That, too.

So here’s my “this stuff only happens to me” deal.

I was throwing dinner into the crockpot and happened to glance out the window. I noticed our resident groundhog had decided to make a quick appearance. Prior to the major winds we have been getting all day, the temperature was in the 40’s and surprisingly comfortable. I don’t put much past our groundhog since last summer it thought it’d be a great idea to scratch the side of our garage off in order to ‘scare’ our cats away, to which my one cat got its revenge royally. It also has a tendency to steal the kids’ toys or at least attempt to move them. It also eats all our bird food that falls from the feeder.

So here I am, looking out the window, eyes wide, because I see El Simple Animal out for a stroll through our driveway. I thought to myself how appropriate, what with today being Groundhog Day and all… when what does it do but stop, hunch and crap.

In the middle of my driveway.

Groundhog crap.

Happy Groundhog’s Day, y’all!


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  1. Ha ha ha ha! Oh this made my day.

    I can’t believe you have a resident groundhog. That’s priceless.

    • Yes. Our resident groundhog is a shit. I was so annoyed when I had to REPAINT what I just painted on the trim outside because of that thing. Matt even went as far as to get a trap for it, but alas, it sits in the garage taking up space.

  2. But more importantly, did it see its shadow or not? Ha!

  3. Post reminds me of an old joke my dad used to say,
    “Does your face hurt? Cuz it’s killin’ me!”

    Not exactly high humor, I know.

    You can probably sweep up that groundhog doodoo and package it as a Groundhog Day souvenir. E-Bay awaits…

  4. Cassie,
    I’m a post behind but just wanted to say….I don’t know when, I don’t know how long, don’t know how much, but I know one thing for sure. Male or female—it’s a CROSBY!

  5. I think I have told Cassie’s Groundhog Story to every man, woman and child in Shreveport, LA, who would stand still long enough for me to get the words, “AND THEN IT POOPED!” out of my mouth.

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