Why I love hockey

Carly, that lucky biotch, was at the Pens game last night against the Islanders. First of all, her seats were absolutely kick-ass. She sat behind the goal in the second row against an aisle. I saw her at least 50 times, so I did what any normal, loving sister would do: I texted her to tell her what she looked like.

There were so many faces of Carly, I can’t even begin to describe. She looked concerned, shocked, excited, scared and happy. I’d be happy, too.

My favorite text I got from her was: “Staal just looked at me.”

I think I would have wet my pants.

But that’s just me.

This was a fantastic game. Even sitting at home, it was impressive. There were many goals scored, hot hockey players being pressed up against the glass, fights between defensemen, Talbot* was there, and then THIS:

Never in all my years of watching hockey have I seen two goalies come from across the ice in order to fight each other. And for those of you who aren’t Pens fans, or hockey fans in general, the goalie in black that knocked out the one with the shit-eating grin is our BACKUP goalie.

First you’ll notice the ref looking like he’s about to crap himself because he notices the goalies taunting each other. And when he goes to stop Johnson, Johnson is like, “Step off, fool. I’m about to wreck this boy.” Then DiPietro has this shit-eating grin on his face but then WHAM! It’s lights out. And then Fleury, our starting goalie just flashes his hot pearly whites in pride for his fellow goalie. Fleury is HOT.

And I’m pretty sure he won’t get the shut out because he was ejected from the game with 16 seconds left. But who really cares. He was defending his player. The making of a good man.


I’m so extremely jealous, yet so happy for her that I could cry. Because crying is easy for me to do these days. I mean, I am REALLY pregnant. However, it makes my face hurt more. Hmm…

(And don’t worry, I had a chat with baby and it agreed that it’ll stay put until at least Sunday night. YOU HEAR ME BABY?!? That’s when my doctor is back on call.)

I think that even if I were to get season tickets (in a million years) and attended every game from now until I die, I don’t think I’d see such an awesomely-awesome game.

And this is the epitome of why I love hockey. Some people don’t get it, or me in general, but this is a prime reason why. They play with heart, soul and a whole lotta testosterone.

It’s just plain fun. And yesterday I was super proud to be a Pens fan.

Oh, and Go Steelers.


*Talbot is one of my favorite players and Matt and I even considered at one point naming the baby Maxime if it was a boy. But Max and Matt would get annoying REAL quick.

Matt also wanted to consider Brooks (who is my other favorite player) but I didn’t want that old of a name for my kid.


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  1. We do have hockey here. Our team is the Shreveport Mudbugs (yes, an oversized crawfish). And the fans are really into it. I’ve been to several games myself and always have a great time when I go. I see the appeal. And those crazy fights just make it all the more fun.

    Hang in there baby. Saturday really isn’t all that far away!

  2. “And then Fleury, our starting goalie just flashes his hot pearly whites in pride for his fellow goalie. Fleury is HOT.”

    Um, fake pearly whites. Don’t all hockey players have fake teeth? Ha!

  3. The liklihood of a goal breaking his teeth has to be really low… I mean, they have that huge mask over their face… Maybe if they fought more.

    I wish I knew Carly was there… I could have paused the DVR and taken some pictures for you. Was she at the end of the ice where the fight was?

    Hockey rocks! And I’m so glad the Pens are playing Sunday afternoon. It’ll give me something to do besides pace and look at my watch, before the Super Bowl starts.

    • She was at the Pen’s end where Johnson played twice. So she missed a few goals, but STILL. STAAL LOOKED AT HER.

      I tried to find some photos on the Pens page, but didn’t see her in any of them. The angle was off by like one person. BASTARDS!

  4. Baby Conti better listen to its mother and listen good. I mean, how bad would it suck to be grounded FROM THE MOMENT YOU WERE BORN?!

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