Epidural is an 8 letter word

She’s here! She’s finally, finally here! And I was SO right. I think the majority of people guessed boy and boy did they guess wrong. Miss Maelie Julianne is all girl and beautiful. And currently has hiccups.

I went into labor last night, with my contractions beginning around 3ish. Nothing really timeable, but they were there and worth noting. I e-mailed Matt and he called back in one minute flat and said he was leaving work to come home singing “Baby Time.” (Instead of Hammer Time.)  

I did what any woman in impending labor would do – I cleaned. I vacuumed, mopped, picked up toys…anything to keep the contractions coming. It worked – for a while, but then they died down.

At around 6 they came back and Matt with his big ‘ol cheesy grin and stop watch timed them until he fell asleep at 9:30. So I took over timing them. While he slept, they were coming 2 to 4 minutes apart so I poked him and called my doctor.

Matt loves driving me to the hospital when I’m in labor for one reason: the free pass to speed. “Oh officer, my wife is in labor!” and then he’d get to follow a cop to the hospital with the lights flashing. In his dreams.

When I got there, the contractions stopped. Figures. The doctors wanted to send me home or at least make me walk around for a few hours to pick up the pace. My doctor – one of the many reasons why I love her – said, heck no! Keep her! She’ll impress you.

Impress, I did.

I got my epidural while I was still comfortable by a fabulous (and I mean that in the way that he was great and also FAB-U-LOUS! if you get my drift which was AWESOME when it came to talking about how good looking Mario Lemieux is) anesthesiologist who was looking for a recommendation on a rheumatologist from the hospital I work at. He was very excited when one of the nurses told him that I was a nurse there. I aim to please, after all.

Once I was warm and numb, I attempted to sleep. I had been up since 8 am the previous morning so I was beat. I think I slept an hour. I’m just that awesome. Matt, however, slept 3 and woke up in time for me to push.

At 6:25, little Miss started having some late decelerations (meaning her chord was getting compressed with every contraction) and so I had to get some oxygen on. My doctor checked me and said that I should be ready to push within the next half hour. She took her time getting her stuff ready, as the other nurse slowly got stuff together as well. Not a minute after she checked me did I have a huge (and painful – epidural be damned) contraction and I felt her head attempting to make an early arrival. My doctor came over and took one peek and said, “Welp, the head is crowning. This doesn’t surprise me coming from you.” While the nurses were getting me ready to push and taking the bed apart to make it possible, my doctor said that someone had to hold their hand against me so that she didn’t come out on her own. Greeeeat. That’s just what I need. Baby on the floor.

Maelie Julianne was born at 6:36 after one push and about 2 minutes of effort. Her cord was tightly wrapped around her neck, but my doctor is fantastic and had Matt cut the cord before her shoulders were even out.

And she is perfect. Simply perfect.

She arrived one day before my due date, nursed at 15 minutes old and has only cried twice. Plus she’s already pooped on Matt. So many goals have been reached it boggles my mind. 

So as the Pens (or should I say Baby Pens) play the LA Kings, Matt and Miss Mae are sitting in a chair dozing off and I’m sitting here, completely pain free telling y’all my tale. As cliche and lame as I think it is to say – I am truly blessed. Truly.

I’m a Mama to three beautiful kids and am the wife to a wonderful man. Life can’t possibly get much better.

Thanks for being with me on this journey.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I have little tears of joy for you welling. Congrats. I cannot wait to see pics of yet another adorable, smiling, oh-so-happy Conti.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad delivery was a snap. LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Give that baby a kiss from me and try to bottle some of that new baby smell for me, k? Thanks!

  3. But see, I knew it was a girl! 😉 So glad to hear that she came on out without too much effort. She was ready to snuggle with her mama (and daddy!)

  4. YAAAAA!! Good for you dear!

  5. Cassie,
    Sending love to your beautiful family. It is such a joy to be able to get a glimpse of the talented writer and fantastic mom you have become. Your kids are truly lucky.
    Now go get some sleep!

  6. So happy for you! And I’m so glad it was easy and mostly pain free!

  7. Congratulations! I’m just so happy for you and your wonderful family!

    P.S. We’re gonna need photos on the regular.

  8. Congratulations to you and your entire family. It’s wonderful that you are all healthy and safe! Enjoy that wonderful gift.

  9. Grinning ear-to-ear! Was on jury duty all day so I didn’t get to see this until just now. Congratulations, dear! I’m absolutely thrilled for you! And happy it was a Speedy Delivery!

  10. Ah Cassie, congratulations! A beautiful baby girl with a beautiful name to match! Enjoy and take care. I am so, so, happy for you!

  11. See what happens when I’m away from the blogosphere for a few days?! Congratulations!! She’s a beaut. Who knew that you and hubby could sleep so much? Didn’t know labor included naps. I know how ready you were for this. Glad it’s finally–and triumphantly–over!

  12. Congratulations! (Yeah, yeah, I’m behind on the news. No one is surprised by this, I hope.)

    She is beautiful, and I love her huge eyes and her name.

    After a few weeks, having three isn’t as tough as I thought. I mean, it’s no walk in the park, but I thought it was going to be *a lot* more difficult. See, kids, if you keep your expectations low, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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