Aw damn

Have you ever seen those commercials for USAA? Here, watch. I’ll wait:

Yah, they successfully make me cry every time. And they always come on while I’m running on the treadmill. So I look like an idiot tearing up while running. People have got to be thinking that I’m either in pain or it hurts so good.

No, I’m just a major softy.

So while the kids were napping and I was catching up on Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime a commercial came on that made me bawl like a bitch. I never watch Lifetime except for Grey’s. Not that Lifetime is bad or anything, but the movies are a touch cheesy. And that new show I see commercials for, “One Born Every Minute,” seems a bit invasive. I wouldn’t like my hoo-hah out there on the prime time lineup. But that’s just me.

Then that new show’s commercial came on. Here you go, I’ll wait again:

And I was crying like a bitch. Postpartum hormones be damned, these things ALWAYS get me. Bawling. I can’t even watch the link more than once because I’ll start up again.

It’s my soft spot. Military members separated, families going on while their loved ones are doing the ultimate sacrifice, having babies, raising children…then they come home. And it’s the kids’ reactions that make me the most tearful. By far. I’m happy for the wives and husbands and parents, but those kids…

So despite my hard, tough exterior (ha!) I’m such a dang woman for those commercials.

And yes, I plan on watching that show. I’ll cry and I’ll smile and I’ll cry some more, but I’ll watch it.


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  1. I cry every single time that second one comes on. I have to leave the room.

  2. Damn it! Now I’m in a hotel room by myself crying like a baby. Thanks for that!

  3. I rarely watch the “Men Are Pigs” Chan… I mean “Lifetime” Channel.. but that’s a damned good commercial. I can see how you would tear up, as a military person and a mommy. Hey, they should have shown some mommies coming home too.

    Did you ever see that clip on YouTube where a guy comes home after a couple years overseas and his dog runs out to greet him? Now THAT one leaves me a hot mess… mostly because the dog is a golden retriever and that’s what I had as a boy. There’s not a day goes by I don’t miss my girl. But the dog is literally shaking with joy at the site of seeing the guy come home. There’s no doubt that the dog missed him and was overjoyed at his return.

    Man, I got to dig that up and post it…

    • There’s something about daddy’s girls. But yah, Mommies coming home would be good, too. I loved the reaction from the brother/son at what looked like a college.

      And that video you sent me was AWESOME.

  4. Oh, man, even those commercials where the parents are talking to the kid about joining the military get me. If I was in high school, I’d be totally sold with the way they talk about the decision being so brave and adult.

  5. I’m the same way with those manipulative ASPCA commercials. They make me want to call, give them my debit card number and empty our life savings into their coffers. Which is precisely the emotion they’re aiming for. DAMN PUPPIES AND KITTENS!!

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