She’s got an oatmeal obsession

I stepped on the scale this morning and it actually made me do a double take. I’m not huge on numbers normally, but after tacking on 26 pounds, it’s fun to see the numbers come off just because I’m breathing. Typically I gauge my weight on how my clothes fit. Do I have a muffin top? Can I button the top button? Is there a gap between my shirt and pants? (Well, that last one’s a tough one to base it on, since I’m top-tall and no shirt really fits me.) Do I FEEL good?

So I’ve been standing on the scale every other day or so, or when I remember. Typically it’s at night and you know what they say about standing on a scale at night…don’t do it! But I do. I’m weird like that.

Back to today. I stepped on the scale. I blinked, blinked, blinked… breathing does a girl wonders! Oh wait, it’s called breastfeeding. I think it burns 500 calories a day, which in my mind translates to me having to run 5 miles at least. So sitting, feeding my baby, relaxing and watching tv is getting me in shape. Well, not in shape, but it’s getting the ‘maternal fat stores’ off my butt. Or helping. I’ll get myself back into shape when I can run again. Which will be soon. Very, very soon.

I’m down 17 pounds of my 26 I’ve gained. That means I have 9 pounds left. NINE. From breathing.

And oatmeal.

I love oatmeal. Which is really funny, because when I was a kid, my Grandpa used to try to get me to eat oatmeal every time we’d visit for breakfast. I’d say, “Gross!! Ew!!” So did Carly. Now? No way. I’ve had it every morning since I had Maelie. Every stinking morning. I’ve made it such an obsession that Matt has it waiting for me when I wake up. He made me buy the giant container of it and it’s already half way gone. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I dream about warm oatmeal breakfasts. I think about portioning out my brown sugar in little containers for easy access. I leave out my little pan and measuring cups in a special area so that I just grab it and go.

It’s really sad.

I mean, really, really sad.

I guess it’s how I’m living now. What I’m surrounded by.

Here’s what I mean: Matt got dressed in his cold weather running gear and my knee braces and got his running watch all calibrated and ready to go, then went for a run.

He got back, ate two kiwi fruit and some left over chicken tetrazzini and said, “Well, I’m already dressed, why not go for another run?”

And he’ll probably do this two more times before he’s satisfied.

I eat oatmeal, Matt obsessively runs.

What a pair, huh?


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Please God, let this baby breastfeed.

  2. I like your way better. Not sure I could pull off the breast-feeding part though…

    Oh, and substitute bacon for oatmeal.

  3. Now the oatmeal is an obsession I can really get behind. I made baked oatmeal Saturday morning, as a matter of fact!

    (I don’t eat grains very much anymore, but I make an exception for oatmeal pretty regularly because it’s SO DELICIOUS.)

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