Let’s talk about hips, baby

After having three children, my body has taken some beatings and your basic wear and tear. Within that time, I’ve gone from being 5’8 1/2″ to 5’8″, I’ve gained a crapload of stretch marks and I’ve gained 4 inches in my hips.


You know how you’re watching one of those thousands of infomercials that state you can loose X amount of inches from your waist by doing their exercise and they’re saying, “I’m a mother of 10 and I’m back in my size 2’s!” Here’s how I call liar. Or you suck. Or I hate you. Because, if that’s true, then great, but I hate you.

Here’s why.

Your hips. They widen.

When I got out of the Army, I was wearing a size 5 and lookin’ fine. There was no jiggle, no stretch marks and lots and lots of definition up in my abs. I was proud. But I was 17. I didn’t have kids. I didn’t have a care in the world.

(Side note for boys: odd numbered sizes of jeans are juniors sizes and even numbers are what us women wear. I can honestly say I’d probably be an 11 in juniors and an 8 womens. I was a 6/8/10, depending on the brand, prior getting pregnant this last time.)

Right before I got pregnant with Claire, I was at my heaviest I had ever been. And I’m sure, it’s not that dramatic for some, but as a person who’s been in the military and been in fabulous shape, it was sad to see 168 on the scale and not even be pregnant at the time.

Needless to say, I was glad when I found out I was pregnant, because I knew then that I was allowed to gain weight. I gained 18 pounds and an extra two inches to my hips. I found this out only because I was measured at Victoria’s Secret and was in shock. At the time I was 158 and I wasn’t quite pregnant with Luca. I felt great, but to hear that my hips had expanded, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know that was legal.

After I had Luca, I had added an extra inch to those hips. Crap.

After Maelie, I was up to a measurement of 39 inches. That’s four inches. I went from 35 (and naturally wide) to 39. Ouch.

Figuring in that this is probably going to be my last baby, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have a measurement of 39 inches forever. I just couldn’t do that. It wouldn’t be good for my hips when I’m 90. I need all the stabilization I can get.

So I did some research. I know that Chinese women have been known to do crazy things with their feet, perhaps they’d do things to their hips. AND THEY DID! They have been known to wrap their hips after giving birth because a hormone named Relaxin stays in a woman’s system up to 8 weeks after giving birth, which is needed while pregnant, but not so much after. And so our hips continue to widen even after the baby’s traveled through the birth canal. Double crap.

While at the gym when I was reading a magazine that had an article about a product called Shrinkx Hips. It claims that by wearing it, it’ll give your hips gentle pressure and help your hips go back into a tighter position. I researched the ever loving crap out of this product and found xrays and proof that it does, in fact, help women get their pre-pregnancy hip width back 95% of the time. And of those 95%, some actually end up being smaller than they were naturally. AMAZING.

Of course, I bought it. I’ve worn it every day since Maelie was 3 hours old and I wear it all day and sometimes at night. I’m wearing it now. And while, yes, it gives me major muffin top (of the butt, how is that possible?) I wear it. When I go out in public, I wear it under my jeans and have a shirt that covers it. And it’s SO worth it.

I measured myself today and already I’m 37 inches. I’ve gained back two inches in two weeks.

Even more importantly than my vanity, my back doesn’t hurt. Because of all the loose ligaments and such, I remember after Claire and Luca, my lower back/sacral area would hurt like a mother. I find that when I take off the belt, my back will hurt within a half hour. So you bet your bippy I wear that thing all darn day.

I have 6 more weeks of wearing it and I’m hoping to get back to my 35 inches I love so much.

And since I know you guys all care SO MUCH and are waiting on pins and needles to hear my results, I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I think the duel sizing systems are a plot designed so that men can never possibly buy you the right size, so that we can be accused of not “knowing anything about you.”

    Just sayin…

    • You’re on to us!

      Honestly, though, I wish we could all be like men in the European sizes. Then I could go to a store, grab a pair and not spend eons of time trying on ten different brands in the same size with NONE OF THEM fitting me. Talk about buzzkill.

  2. So glad to hear it’s working for you AND supporting your back. I think I may need this.

    • I think you may, too. It’s worth the 50 bucks. I promise you. Especially if you have more kids, you can just save it for next go-around.

      It was annoying at first, but now it’s like wearing pants. Because I guess I have to wear those, too.

  3. BTW,
    That was an amazing thing you did, sending that present to Jessica.

  4. I don’t know about everybody else, but I care a LOT! I’m short, and I can’t afford to get any wider in ANY area. You better believe I’m buying some of these if/when I ever get pregnant, and I WILL be wearing them home from the hospital.

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