Text Tuesday

Think of the following as a Wordless Wednesday, except, there’s words. Yup. In my sleep deprived head, that makes perfect sense. Just go with it.

Charlie Sheen is a nut. A NUT. And there’s a fabulous website that my life-long friend Kevin posted on Facebook. It’s amazing.

A snippet:


(In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice:) Yessssssssss.

Go to it. And just you dare try to do something else with your free time.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

Posted on March 1, 2011, in Cassie. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. This is so good. Charlie is a train-wreck. saw him interviewed on Piers Morgan’s show the other night. It was painful to watch.

  2. If you are not already, follow him on Twitter. His tweets are straight from crazy town.

  3. Poor old Charlie Sheen. But at least his Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome has a higher purpose, namely, to entertain the masses.

  4. good. stuff. introduce THIS music to your kids!
    their auntie opera singin’/Queen lovin’ Em

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