This and that

1. I never really noticed how much further north Minnesota is from Pennsylvania. My Mom is currently on a plane to Minneapolis and I am tracking her flight online. I was looking at the path the plane was taking and it just sort of hit me. I know that this sounds weird, but really. When you are driving from Minnesota to Pennsylvania or vice versa, you don’t really pay attention. You just think you’re going east or west. Not southeast or northwest. It’s weird.

(Don’t forget, I’m sleep deprived.)

2. But not so much! For now. Knock on wood. For the past three nights, Mae has been sleeping 6 hour stretches which is both great and not so great. It’s great because it’s sleep! Uninterrupted sleep! It’s NOT so great because A.) My boobs hurt going that long without feeding her and B.) I’m wide awake after 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep but it’s 4 AM so then I’m exhausted when I wake up for real a few hours later.

3. Jillian isn’t getting the best of me. Today I kicked ass and only swore a few times. That’s progress, right? Some people base workouts on endurance, strength and sweat. I base mine on how much I swear. My friend Liz is still kicking ass, too. Liz and I used to go to high school together. She graduated with Carly but we both rocked the saxophone.

4. Bet you didn’t know I played the sax. I was OK, too. Not great, but decent enough to have a solo here and there. Which really doesn’t mean jack, either. I mean, my instructor could have given me solos because either I was really actually good or because he was desperate. I’m hoping he wasn’t desperate…because then the whole school had to suffer hearing a crappy solo.

5. Not only did I play the sax, but it got stolen out of my car when I lived in Oakland. For you non-locals, Oakland is where the University of Pittsburgh is located. (LET’S GO PITT!) I lived there for a few years and will have to share some fun stories. Gosh I loved it there. I found love there, was depressed there, got tattoos and piercings there, made out with LARRY FITZGERALD there, lived within a few blocks of my best friend there and got to eat half priced food at Fuel and Fuddle there.

6. I swear, the *assuming* homeless guy who plays the sax as you’re leaving a sporting event or even the symphony (as I’ve been witness to) has my sax. I’m not saying he’s the one who stole it, but the key guard by the low D was missing on mine, and his is, too. DUN DUN DUN.

7. I’m in a March Madness bracket this year. I haven’t done one since I came in second when I was a waitress at TGI Fridays. (Yes, sigh. I wore flare.) It’s Matt’s company pool. So of course, I want to not look like an idiot, because I’d have to hear about it at the Christmas party. So I read spreads, odds, begged my college hoops obsessed step-dad for advice, and even watched ESPN. When it came down to it, I chose the team with the prettiest jerseys.

8. I’m putting trust in the fact that Pitt won’t blow it this year. Because, if they do, my final four is royally f***ed. As they do to me every other time I do a bracket. THIS IS THE YEAR! (However, I don’t have them winning it all. So it doesn’t have to be the year if it doesn’t want to be. Save it for Kansas. Just saying.)

9. Crosby has skated now three times since his almost career ending concussion. Claire was so excited. I mean SO excited. She went straight to the basement, slapped on her skates and yelled, “JUST CALL ME CROSBY, GUYS! I’M BACK!”

10. OMG, Claire is so effing cute sometimes it makes me wonder how she’s my kid.

11. I’ve eaten oatmeal every morning since I had Mae. This, in itself is odd since I get bored with things easily. I’m not even dressing it up or anything. Just straight up oatmeal. There’s something wrong with me.

12. Thanks to Jillian Michaels, I now have three muscles that I had happily forgotten about since the Army. Yah, thanks for bringing those back to light. My ass thanks you for that. No wait, it doesn’t.


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  1. I can’t wait to see what cute things my kid comes up with. No hockey in our house, but there is a very good chance she could become obsessed with Drew Brees from the Saints.

  2. I had to read “*assuming* homeless man” a couple of times because I was thinking you were talking about a homeless man that thinks he knows all about you…

  3. “OMG, Claire is so effing cute sometimes it makes me wonder how she’s my kid.”

    Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?! You were just as adorable when you were Claire’s age. Of course she’s your kid!

  4. I totally forgot you made out with Larry Fitzgerald! Where was this at, again?

  5. I’m so proud of you for tackling the 30DS. Jillian Michaels is a sadistic bitch, but that workout is AWESOME, especially to be as short as it is.

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