I’m a weather bitch

I hate to brag about weather. I really, really do. Especially because typically everyone else is having all the beautiful weather. But alas, today it is Pittsburgh’s turn. So I’m going to be a bragging weather bitch.

I had SAD (seasonal affective disorder) bad this year. For real. And then adding a third kid in the mix when it’s hard enough to travel with two…well, yup, I was slightly miserable. Or a lot. I’ll go with a lot.

Today. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. It’s awesome. It’s 70 degrees, sunny and all the windows in my house are open.

This morning, I did my 30 day shred, took a shower and then the kids and I headed out to run some errands. We went to mall to pick up my rings from being rhodium plated and re-soldered together. Now that I’m no longer pregnant, my finger won’t randomly become red and dry and feel like it’s going to fall off so I could get them put back together. (Thanks, hormones.) Since we were there, and I had Mae in one of my twenty slings, I figured the kids could blow off some steam at the indoor playground. Then we went to Sam’s club to pick up our click ‘n pull order. (Gotta love that. Then I don’t spend a million-trillion dollars.)

When we got home, the kids played outside in tee shirts and jeans. Tee shirts! In March! I’m a touch excited. Blame the hormones, again.

After their naps, we went back outside where I vacuumed out the Volvo and did something most people don’t do – put the floor mats in the washer. Gosh, I’m lame. I feel like my mother in law. She once mopped my basement floor, which is unfinished cement. It smelled awesome for like a month.

When I finished vacuuming, I looked up to see Claire attempting to sled down the hill with Luca. I suppose if the ground was dry, this would be acceptable and possible, but it was a mudpit. Not happening. She did give a valiant effort, though. She also told Luca he needed to exercise with me because he was too heavy.

Mae also got her first dose of all natural vitamin D courtesy of the sun.

Today was awesome.

Oh, and lastly, I learned today that Claire had no idea what Crosby’s first name was. When I asked her, she said, “Um, isn’t it Crosby?” I told her that no, in fact it wasn’t. She responded with, “Well I’ll be,” which I have no idea where she learned that phrase from. She now says “Sidney Crosby,” all the time now instead. It’s cute.


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  1. I LOVE Spring weather. Lots of sun with a cool breeze. We’re currently at 83. And while it is glorious right now, we’ll be hitting the upper 90’s in two months and then right on into 100+ until October. I wish it could just stay like this for a while. It makes me so happy!

  2. We had the same weather today. At this point, it would be a death blow if we were to get snow again.

    Be thankful that Claire’s favorite Penguin player isn’t Zbynek Michalek.

    • Funny you say that. She always says Luca is Michalek. She can say the whole name, too. I’ll tape her doing it for you.


      • So she knew Michalek’s first name is Zbynek, but she didn’t know Crosby’s name was Sid?

        I can only ascribe that to poor parenting…

        (OK, you know I’m kidding, right? My kid would know how to break down the defense, but not know to look both ways before crossing the street…)

  3. What a terrific day!

    I wonder if we have click ‘n pull at our Sam’s here in Shreveport?!

    • I’m pretty sure it’s standard with all Sam’s. It’s great so you don’t go overboard. You just show up, tell them you want your stuff, the wheel it out and you pay and go!

  4. Hi! I saw your comment over at Ask Cherlock and came over immediately when Cher described you as a bright light. I like light, and this winter we haven’t had very much of it! I will say, I’m impressed on a spring like day that you got so much done! I would’ve have been basking. That’s probably because my youngest is 11 now, so basking is sometimes possible.

    Glad I dropped in. Cher is right. Your humor is contagious.

  5. “Well I’ll be” is hilarious to hear from a child and just as cute as it gets! haha. They must be so fun at that age! I also loved the comment on exercise cause Luca is too heavy. lol

  6. Cassie, you have amazing children! I can’t believe Claire said, “Well I’ll be!” That is totally impressive, along with the fact that she says “Sidney Crosby.” Now you need to teach her “Sid, the Kid”!

    I suffer from SAD every year. This year it was compounded by pneumonia which Rich and I both had at the same time. The lame trying to help each other walk! Rich has promised that next winter, we will go away for a week to someplace hot enough to give us tons of vitamin D and help us to retain the warmth for awhile. Spring is almost here. Hold on, Sweetie!

    • You should! I always say I should go somewhere sunny and warm in January, but I guess this winter wouldn’t have been too great since it was cold everywhere.

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