Ah, Oakland: the final edition

Funny how I can turn 2 years of living into four blog posts. Nah, I skipped a lot.

Where did we leave off? That’s right, the hot coworker who quit smoking for me. But let’s back up a bit. In September, I was still annoyingly depressed, but I’d put on a happy face at work. It seemed it was the only place that was fun anymore. This one particular day I was at the hostess stand BSing with one of the hostesses because it was slow. Our manager, Deebs, said he was expecting a few people to be coming in for interviews. I was told that since I was the lead server that day that it was my responsibility to get them settled while they waited for him. Easy enough.

A few minutes later, a girl came in saying she had an appointment and I got her situated up at the bar level with some water. The interview seemed to be going poorly, because Deebs kept looking at me, giving me the “Get me out of here,” eyes. After a few more minutes, I went up to him and said he had a phone call.


He was grateful. I told him he owed me.

A little while later a guy came in and said he had an interview. At least, that’s what I think he said. I was having one of those I-can’t-hear-you-because-I’m-staring-at-you-because-you’re-hot-and-I’m-visualizing-my-future-with-you moments. I got him settled, got him water, probably looked like a complete idiot and tripped as I walked away.

I’m smooth.

I even remember the bartender saying that to me. And he made kissy faces. Real mature.

After his interview, which consisted of him and Deebs BSing for 30 minutes, I stomped up to Deebs and said, “If you don’t hire him, I’ll quit.”

Since I was really good at what I did and wasn’t known to sleep around with the staff, thus causing them to quit, he agreed. I’m pretty sure he already was going to hire him, but you know, I’m dramatic.

A few weeks later during our morning meeting, I was sitting next at my regular table with my regular server friends when Deebs came out to go over who was going to be training the new staff. Deebs, being the ass that he tended to be, looked at me and said, “Cat, you’re with Matt C. All your wildest dreams can come true, now.”


I’m pretty sure the remainder of my shift involved me stuttering, falling over my feet and looking like an ass. Or I just talked a lot. I’m really good at that when I get nervous.

He was quiet which can mean one of two things: he’s either A.) a quiet guy or B.) not interested. I knew he wasn’t gay. One of my gay coworker friends already did the gay test. He failed which greatly disappointed the gay staff immensely. I figured he was nervous since it was his first day.

But then weeks went on and he really didn’t talk to me much. He’d smile and carry on, but he was always working…restocking, running food, filling ice… I mean, he took his job seriously! I’ve never known a worker at TGI Fridays to take their job seriously. But I noticed that he took smoke breaks. Being as I wasn’t a smoker, I never did, but I’d go outside and sit on the dumpsters with the best of them.

During an evening shift, one of my cook friends said he needed a break and so we went outside so I could watch him smoke. I was telling him about how I just suck at relationships and always look like a complete idiot when I’m around boys I like. I went on, and on, and on and wouldn’t you know it? Matt C was right there. Standing there. In the dark.


He didn’t say anything, just smiled and walked away.

That’s when I said it. With confidence, “If you quit smoking, I’d date you, you know.”

Again, he just smiled and walked away.

Boys are so dumb.

Weeks went by and still nothing. Whatever. I was over it. Kind of.

But one night, while eating dinner at work with a friend I got up the courage to ask him out. I said that a whole bunch of us from work were going across the street to Bar Louie’s. He said he’d try to get there.

When he showed up, I nearly peed my pants. Which lead to drinking. Which lead to me talking too much. And being really really honest.

Poor guy trooped through it. He even offered to follow me home to make sure I got home safely. And when I invited him up, he didn’t read too far into it, because he was a complete gentleman. He told me that I was beautiful and was so glad I asked him out. And when I explained the scars on my arm to him, he didn’t run away.

No wonder I married him.

I met the love of my life at a TGI Fridays. Turns out, Matt was so quiet because he was always tired. He was working 3 jobs and was a student at Pitt full time. He didn’t have time to sleep, let alone socialize. Not to mention he lived alone, so he was used to the quiet.

I’m pretty sure that in the first few months of dating he made up for loss talking time. Rather – lost listening time. I talk a lot.

The rest is history. We moved in together after only dating for 3 months. If it’s right, it’s right. Why waste time? He believed in me and he still does.

What a sucker.




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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. “I’m pretty sure that in the first few months of dating he made up for loss talking time. Rather – lost listening time. I talk a lot.”

    This line really made me LOL!

  2. I love this story! I met my husband in a similar fashion. At work and he was super quiet. But I couldn’t tell if it was shyness or arrogance. In fact, I think I’ll post that story soon. 🙂

    And to think he quit smoking for you too! Now that’s a keeper. 🙂

  3. was that under-age drinking you were doing at Bar Louis? LOL!

  4. He knew quality when he saw it. You two are obviously meant for each other!

    I’m just surprised that, in honor of your meeting place, you don’t decorate your walls with sleds and sousaphones and stuff.

  5. I do believe I’m in like with your husband. What a great story! Who knew TGI Fridays could be so romantic??

  6. It’s probably the hormones, but this story definitely elicited a sniffle.

    Just think – from two waiters at TGI Friday’s to a wonderful family of five!

  7. I love that story! If it’s right it’s right.. but it was perfect. 🙂 What about a proposal story? 🙂

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