The Jiggle and Inches Effect

Today I completed the 30 Day Shred. 30 days, nonstop, of Jillian Michaels. I, for the record, did not skip a single day. Not a one.

And I’m pretty proud of myself.

So the results are this: I lost about 10 inches over my entire body and gained a pound.

Yup, I gained a pound.

And I’m not the least bit upset about that.

I just had a baby, dammit. It’s the way it should be.

Other than the pound that I gained, here’s what else I gained:

At the beginning of the 30 Day Shred challenge, I would feel a jiggle all over when I’d brush my teeth. That in itself made me very sad. My goal going into the challenge was not to lose weight or look like a super model, it was to lose the jiggle. I had to remind myself that, yes, while I’m breastfeeding and running, I’m not going to lose a bunch after only 30 days. It takes time to lose weight, especially ‘maternal fat stores,’ and I’m OK with that. My body is still clinging to that fat because I’m breastfeeding. And if this is going to be like any other post pregnancy I’ve had, I’ll lose all my baby weight and an extra 10 pounds. It’s what I’ve done in the past, and mostly with little effort. This time around, I’m giving it my all.

Also, in the beginning, I was sucking at running. My endurance had been shot and I couldn’t run more than 2 miles without mentally kicking my ass and quitting.

Today, on day 30, I ran 4 miles and then completed my challenge. That’s pretty damn fantastic. Best part? I could have kept running. I did 4 miles in 42 minutes, which is really good for me since the last time I ran was last year and 6 months pregnant. (I stopped because I got tired of almost peeing myself.) I’m not looking to win races, I’m just looking to run them.

I also gained very toned calves and lower thighs. I noticed while running today that my tibiais anterior muscle is VERY defined. (I chose the treadmill in front of the mirror today. It’s closest to the daycare. I forgot Maelie’s nuk at home and thought she may flip out and I’d have to quit running sooner than planned. I like them to be able to find me quick. Of course, she was just fine.)

I still have small saddle bags, but they are markedly improved, because I lost 2 inches on each thigh. My butt is firmer and my love handles are smaller. My arms are more defined.

When I’m sitting on the floor with the kids, I can stand up much faster. I also don’t feel like I’m heavy. I feel thin. I may not look it, but I feel it.

Best of all? When I brushed my teeth, I didn’t jiggle.

I’m taking a week off of Jillian and focusing on my first race of the year on Saturday. It’s only a 5K, but I can totally knock that out no problem. It’s the fun one that starts at Heinz Field and goes up the Allegheny River and back. Nice and flat and scenic. My favorite of the year.

After that one, I have the Marathon Relay in May. I’m running the final leg of the race which goes near Carpetbagger’s abode and I’m thinking him and the Mrs can come out and laugh at me.

It’s only 5 miles and it’s mostly downhill.

So there you have it. The 30 Day Shred Challenge is complete. I have recommended it to a lot of people and I hope they find the same results I found: confidence. Losing weight takes time. A lot of time. But what I got out of these 30 days is endurance and confidence. That beats losing weight any day.

Now on to the next.


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  1. You’re a beast! Now, should you go streaking through the cemetary, no one will be able to catch you. People will think you’re a ghost. With great legs.

    • I’m pretty damn pale, that’s for sure. However, my naked body should not see the light of day… Or the moon, for that matter. Not yet, at least. Talk to me at the end of the summer. When I have a tan.

  2. So how long would you say it takes you, historically, to get back to your pre-pregnancy body after giving birth?

    Yes, I’m already worried about this.

    • Oh dear BG, we may NEVER get back to our pre-pregnancy body. Sorry. But – I did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time my kids were 6 months old and had lost the additional 10 pounds before they could walk. (They walked around 9 and 10 months respectively.) So there’s something, right?

  3. 10 inches is awesome! Congrats! I didn’t make it 30 days on the Shred. I started out and made it about a week. When my schedule gets back to normal I may attempt it again. That’s awesome that it helped on running endurance. If it’ll do the same for me, count me in!

    • The funny thing about it, is that even on my busiest day, I could find the time. It almost became a sick obsession. Today, being my first day off from it, felt really weird. I almost…ALMOST did it. Instead I ran.

  4. So you’ll get naked once you get a tan? Whoo Hoo! Darwinfish Fry Part 3, coming in September!

  5. Oh, man, I just told Kamran last night that having gone to the gym a little last week, I wasn’t feeling as jiggly when I brushed my teeth. Funny. I think Jillian anything would be too much for me at this point, though. If I get on the stationary bike, I’m exerting a lot of effort for me. (I probably shouldn’t admit that, huh?) But maybe I can work up to it!

  6. Congrats! That is so awesome! I’m starting to get back into the mentality of “getting off the pregnancy weight.” I have no illusions that it will come quickly, but I think having a plan of action like you have is a great start! You are kicking butt and I know you look fantastic. Way to go!

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