he is NOT my brother!

Today as I was swearing at Vista Print (because they are NOT USER FRIENDLY WHATSOEVER. NEVER, NEVER AGAIN.) I had ample amounts of time to look at old photos on my computer. I found a file that had some old school pictures of both Matt and I when we were little.

Not only did it become apparent as to why our kids look like they do, but gosh almighty do Matt and I have similar features. Years ago, when we first started dating and we weren’t wearing wedding bands, people would ask if we were siblings. Gross! But so true. People have asked us multiple times. My favorite was when I had this picture on my phone:

several co workers that were standing around said, “I didn’t know you had a brother? And he’s so hot!” and pointed at Matt. I said, no, that’s my husband. They looked at me and said, “Wow. Um, sorry? He’s…um…not hot?”

Personally, I still don’t see it. But then again, I see myself and husband every day. So I know he’s not my brother. I SWEAR TO GOD HE’S NOT.

So let’s analyze, shall we?

Matt at one of his birthdays. I don’t know which. So sue me.

Me with my Gund. That thing was the shit. OK, so we both had blonde hair and brown eyes. BUT now I still have blonde hair (when it’s not dyed) and Matt’s hair is now brown. And both our eyes are a weird hazel/green.

Me during a Christmas. Who knows when. But I was cute! And that dress is classy.
Matt (center) being himself. Trust me. He hasn’t changed at all. And I totally blame how annoying the kids can be on him. It’s all his fault. Also, aren’t the Chucks AWESOME? His sister is on the left and the kid on the right was apparently an interesting character. That’s all I know about him. Oh, and both him and his sister have no idea if the cat was theirs or not.

Now, looking at Matt’s sister in that photo, I can totally see Claire. Except Claire has lighter hair. But, as you see, Matt was a blonde as a kid. I swear, his photo album goes from blonde and then all of a sudden he had brown hair. It’s kind of weird.

This photo here convinces me that Claire is my kid. And the sweater I’m wearing in this picture is awesome. It has ballet slippers on it and everything.  And my bowtie earrings are the bomb. It was 1990. At least my bangs weren’t feathered.

I still don’t see it. People are weird.

I mean, seriously! Would you pose with your brother like this?

I think not.


*** Oh and a big huge welcome to the world Miss Sarah! Congrats to Jessica and Mark!


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  1. I don’t see brother/sister there. But I heard once that couples start to look like each other after a while. I was so confused by this and that person pointed out that my husband and I have the same smile. I still don’t see it either and my mom even agreed with her. lol

  2. I agree about Vistaprint – tried around Christmas & gave up quickly.

    And I totally see both of you in your kids. I’m always accused of cloning myself with my kids but you’ve got me beat.

  3. Claire totally has your smile. It was all over that pic with her and her Sidney autograph…

  4. Lookin’ good! But rock hard abs aside, why is it that you both have amazing pictures of yourselves as kids? I’m convinced now that my parents didn’t love me enough to have a nicer camera.

    • Well, the one photo was taken by my step dad who does photography on the side with an old school SLR camera. The others were all pure luck. The rest kind of suck.

  5. I think Claire looks just like you in that Christmas picture! And siblings?! Nah.

    Thanks so much for the well wishes!

  6. The first photo is adorable, and the last photo is HOT!

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