the results are in

(Note to self, don’t do a new workout video the day before a race. My inner thighs were sore Saturday morning!)

It was a great day for a race. Matt and I both had obsessively checked the weather since last week because, of course, all the other days except for Saturday looked sunny. Saturday’s prediction was 80% chance of rain and heavy wind. Which is perfect when you’re running along the river which inhabits a lot of geese…and their poop.

Yesterday morning when we checked the radar, it looked like there was going to be a break in the rain, hopefully long enough for us to both get our races in. Matt was doing the 10K and I was doing just a 5K. My longest run since having Mae has been 5 miles, so I didn’t want to push out an extra one. When I race, I run faster there than at the gym so that puts a lot of stress on the body. No need to stress out.

I had been training at the gym by running a 10 1/2 minute mile. Nice and slow. My endurance and joints aren’t quite back up to par yet. So my goal for the race was to run it in under 30 minutes. I figured I had to be at least a little faster now than I was when I ran the Great Race, 5 months pregnant. Sure, the Great Race was downhill, but c’mon. Baby in belly. I just had to be faster now.

The race was great. Just like last year. My first mile was paced at 9:40, but I didn’t cross the timer mat until at least 30 seconds after the start gun. I was pleased with my pace and didn’t feel like dying yet. Always a good sign. But the wind was impressive. On the way back, I came around a corner by Kayak Pittsburgh and almost got knocked down by it. And by the time I got to the fountain by PNC Park, I was being pushed to the side by it. Plus, I felt like I was going to throw up because I decided to pick up the pace. I had looked at my watch and thought I was pulling up on 30 minutes, with a half mile left to go. Not good. So I continued to dodge the goose poop with alarming speed, and I even thought about kicking one of the geese, but decided against it. That would add on at least 10 seconds to my time.

So wasn’t I surprised when I looked up at the end and saw 28 on the time clock. That got me into sprint mode, and I surpassed a woman who looked like she could possibly be in my age group – I can’t have her beat me by a few seconds!

My final time was thus:

The chick I passed wasn’t in my age group. She was off by a year. AND she got first in her age group. Damn young people. I got 4th which is exciting to me because last year I was 5th…even though I ran it in 26:02. Apparently all the fast girls in the age range of 25-29 were at home.

But, a 9:14 mile is pretty good for me these days and I could feel how much I pushed myself because as soon I as I stopped running to have the guy cut off my time chip, my right hamstring cramped up. YES. This caused me to almost kick the guy in the face.

Banana time.

I got two of everything and waited for Matt at the finish line. He came running up alongside a guy who was probably his dad’s age and they were laughing. I cheered, “Go! Faster! Move your legs!” and he cheered back, “I am. My legs are trying. They’re not listening.”

He finished:

Which is awesome for his first 10K.

So to recap, I was 4th out of 26 women in my age division and 71st out of 186. Not bad.

Matt was 12th out of 26 men in his age division and 91st out of 254. Even better.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Saturday was a nasty day in our area! I couldn’t imagine trying to do a race in that! Way to go! 4th is exciting! Love your full descriptions, goose poop and all! 🙂 Btw, I gave you a blog award on my blog. You don’t have to play along, – just wanted to let you know! Your blog is the bees knees. 🙂

  2. Both of you rock! I can’t believe you’re taking down 5ks this soon after giving birth!

  3. A whole family of badasses! I can’t wait to see what tricks Mae has up her sleeve.

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