postpartum mystery

It’s no surprise that while pregnant, your hormones go rampant and it’s OK to look like a nut case. Any sensible, educated person knows that us women don’t mean to act irrationally. It’s just the hormones.

But, it’s often forgotten that those hormones like to party. And they really enjoy the after party. At least my body does. Emotionally, I’ve got this. I haven’t had the slightest bit of postpartum blues since Mae was a few weeks old. No random bursts of tears, screaming or dread. It seems after three children, I finally figured out the secret. Hell if I really know what it is, but my body seems to be in the know.

Emotionally, it’s gravy train.

However, my ligaments didn’t get the memo.

After I had Luca, I had postpartum knee pain, which is common in women who are physically active within a few weeks of having their baby. We get all excited to loose the baby weight, then our ligaments say, “Hell no,” and we start hurting. I could barely walk for 3 days.

Well, I decided to outsmart my body and buy knee sleeves and use those while getting back into shape. I was all but patting my back last week, thinking to myself yup! I made it! Mae is over 10 weeks old and so it’s easy street from here! Hell, I even ran a 5K with no pain. Go me. I had not a bit of knee pain to be seen. I am SO SMART.

Then karma came and bit me in the ass.

Picture this. I was running – jogging rather – on the treadmill at the gym. I was on mile 3 and feeling really good. I wasn’t even tired or out of breath and on target for at least 5 miles. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. (Running makes me giddy. So sue me.) Then, out of no where, BAM! my ankle starts to kill. 

WTF? I thought to myself. No way. NO FREAKING WAY. 


The ligaments in my ankle decided to strain. Totally not cool. I thought I could keep running, and maybe it’d go away, but another quarter mile and I was almost in tears. So I limped, yes limped, my way to the locker room and called it a day.

That was Wednesday.

Here I am, Monday, and it still hurts. I can almost walk normal now, and I can almost take the stairs at a normal speed. Progress! But it’s so annoying. I’ve had to resort myself to the recombinant bike because the other one makes my ass hurt and I’ve got enough hurt going on to last me.

And then today, I hit a new low. I biked 10 miles (yay!) while doing Sudoku. Biking is so boring to me that I had to bust out a puzzle to pass the time. (Plus it took my mind off the fact that I set the resistance to ridiculous.) No, biking indoors is boring. Outdoors is cool. Scenery, wind in your face, nature…yes! Being indoors means that my head is at the sweaty guy on the elliptical’s balls level. And the fan blows the air the wrong way. Gross.

So, foiled again by postpartum hormones. Relaxin, you’ve made your point. Now please go away. I’ve got a Marathon relay to train for that I’d like to do well in. M’kay? Thanks.


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  1. Now I’ve had a lot of weird postpartum stuff, but didn’t know that one!

  2. First of all, you need a new health club. Although it reminded me of the Alec Baldwin SNL skit about Shveaty Balls, and that made me laugh.

  3. Didn’t you know that Essence of Sweaty Balls has restorative powers? Breathe deep, Sister…

  4. Yes, I’d agree that biking outside is better than inside with the view of saggy, sweaty, balls. Although… bike seats suck less inside. 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m not looking forward to this, especially given how much joint pain I’m having already!

    • It never happened to me with Claire. Just take it slow when you get back into exercising. No high impact stuff like I do. I’m not that bright.

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