seven random things

A fairly new reader to Sisters from Different Misters gave me a blogging award. Notice how I said new reader. She obviously doesn’t know I’m crazy. Yet.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

But dear Ashley, I thank you!

So, being as I’m a complete rule breaker and self proclaimed bad ass, I’ll just post the seven random things. It’s more fun that way.

I swear.

1. I’m a nebby neighbor. I don’t actively seek out what my neighbors do, but I’m very attentive. For example, the crazy lady who used to live across the street used to give me the most jollies. Now we have new neighbors and sadly, they’re normal. I mean, as we speak, the dad is giving his son a lesson in mowing the lawn. The crazy lady would just let her lawn get to ridiculous lengths and then take all day to mow it while stopping to have conversations with herself. I kid you not. When the for sale sign went up, it was bitter sweet. No longer would she randomly walk up to me and talk about random stuff … all while I would fear for my life.

2. I love to smell books. When I read the kids their nightly book (or five…they can be demanding little buggers) I quick take a deep whiff.

Don’t judge.

3. Speaking of judging, I totally judge what people wear to the gym. I even judged my husband. That’s just so wrong. But he’d wear plain black tees and blue shorts. Now he wears either race shirts or his softball shirts. I approve.

But to the man who wears nut hugger shorts, I disapprove.

4. I’m no fashionista, but I try on clothes for the gym like I’m sure Bachelor Girl does for a date, complete with clothes being thrown about the closet.

I mean…if I judge people there, who’s to say I’m not being judged. And who really digs muffin tops?

5. When Claire or Luca pick me dandelions, I keep them in a glass full of water until they no longer resemble dandelions. Then I feel horrible when I have to throw them away.

Guilt is such a bitch.

6. I would give my left boob to be able to remember Luca as a baby.

Damn you PPD.

7. I wish, as a society, we could talk about what we like about ourselves without being called a bitch, self absorbed or a snark. I often wonder if it’s because people are jealous? Or it’s just not allowed to be done.

Well here, I’ll start. When I was a kid, I used to get my hair permed. I had stick straight hair and always wanted curly hair like my Mom. I haven’t had my hair permed in about 4 years, maybe longer. After every baby, my hair got curlier. Now, I’m proud to say I have naturally curly hair. Boo ya!


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  1. I do the book sniffing thing, too. A Haraldson trait, perhaps?

  2. 2. You have books; I have crayons. They should make that a perfume.

    1,3,4. I’m your polar opposite. I rarely notice anybody when I’m out and about, not just clothes… that they’re actually there. So I’m always amazed when anyone notices that I’m there, or what I’m doing or wearing. Unless, of course, there are hot chicks involved. Then I may notice a little bit. But not that anyone would notice me noticing.

    5. Oh, just throw the weeds away. Your kids forgot about them 10 seconds after they gave them to you.

    When I was little, I used to pick Rose-of-Sharon flowers and bring them over to our elderly neighbor lady, usually with the hope of being rewarded with cookies. I don’t know what she ever did with them… I picked them clean off the stems, so there was nothing there but the flower buds alone. And I didn’t care, as long as I got cookies.

    7. I think people always want the hair they didn’t get. I always had wavy, flippy hair and tried everything to just make it straight. Or at least behave. Which it never did. Then it all fell out. So there’s the lesson… accept what you have.

    • I liked my stick straight hair, it was the inbetween wavy crap that I never knew if it would turn out OK or not. I hate blow drying my hair. I lack the patience. So I love that I can air dry it and it looks nice. Well…niceish.

  3. I always kept the dandelions my children picked too. They were precious gifts! I had/have naturally curly hair, so when I was in high school, I used to iron my long hair on my mother’s ironing board! Now of course, I use a straightening iron. Oh–and I hate those nut-hugger shots and swimsuits on men. ughh.
    Brag on sweet Cassie! You have earned it!

  4. I love the smell of books. Thinks its a reader thing, but perhaps I’m a long lost Haraldson? Lol.
    I’ve always had curly hair & hated it. Until we learned to get along. Now I don’t blow dry either & I love the freedom. And niceish is it…but at least if it looks crappy, I didn’t put too much time in.
    I throw the dandelions out because I HATE dandelions. But I wait until the kids go to bed.
    And I’m also judgemental so it makes me self-conscious. As you saif, if I’m judging, others surely will be too.
    You totally deserve that award.

    • And judging in your head is OK, I suppose. It’s when you judge people and then talk about it like you’re the greatest thing in the world…not that I’d EVER do something like that.

  5. Nut case neighbors are such a joy… We have one that loves to catch us outside and talk about random weird crap in an Asian accent that’s difficult to understand for hours.

    Also, maybe I should re-evalutate my workout clothes… Everything is a leetle tight right now.

  6. I’m thinking of cutting my hair short after Baby Perkins is born so it will look more like yours. But I’m skeered.

  7. Randoms are better for sure! When I was a kid my Mom used to take me to get my hair permed. I got to point that I hated it and stopped at like 12. It’s only been done once since then and I immediately washed it out. I want curls but not those small spirals. My hair isn’t completely straight, it has this annoying wave if I let it dry naturally.

    I read a while before I ever was a commentor and before I was a blogger. I found your blog on your mom’s blog a while back. I was the one who started reading the Stephanie Plum series thanks to you!

    I too am pretty attentive as to whats going on around me. We have these bad/annoying kids next door that will be in jail before they’re 18. It’s kind of hard to not be aware of whats going on. I watch them like a hawk though because they mess with peoples cars, vandalize them (like how they put mustard on our cars, bent our license plates) ect. Craig calls me Loretta (the nosey lady across the street) but someone has to watch and see what those kids are up to!

    • Yay Stephanie Plum books!

      I’m glad you decided to start commenting! I like to read your stuff, too!

      I hated the spiral curls, too. So when I’d wash my hair the first time I was allowed, I’d leave conditioner in. Then when I’d wash it the next day, they’d be weighted down and perfect.

  8. Oh, I like the smell of inside new books too. New ones, not old ones. lol

  9. DAMMIT!! I swear I check for your blog updates in my Google Reader, but my brain just does not function correctly. I think your blog is called “Who’s My Daddy?”, so I see “Sisters from Different Misters” in my “Must Reads” category and scan right by it like I have no idea what it is. Grr!

    Anyway, I was already convinced that people judge what I wear to the gym and was totally weirded out by it, so thanks a LOT for confirming it. My gym is a tiny one inside Kamran’s apartment building, so I don’t care what anyone there thinks of me, really, but still. I wear the exact same three shirts in rotation, so the three other people who go there know I love Beck, Guster, and NY.

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