Little victories and a song by Claire

My brain has been so preoccupied on me rehabbing my annoying ankle that I’ve not let anything else into it. Heat, ice, therabands, stretching, ibuprofen, swearing, swearing and more swearing is all I’ve done for the past few days. It’s pathetic. But, please know this: I have been looking forward to the marathon relay for well over a year now and to miss out on it would crush my tiny little heart. I’ve worked so hard throughout my pregnancy and postpartum for it, that if for some reason I couldn’t participate, you’d probably want to avoid me for the day.

But never fear! Today I walked for 16 minutes on the treadmill. SIXTEEN WHOLE MINUTES! And if you think that doesn’t mean much, it gets better. Now, I’m walking around the house pain-free! It’s only up from here. Rainbows and butterflies, y’all. Rainbows and butterflies.

Tomorrow? I’m hoping to go 30 minutes. And maybe, just maybe, by Friday I’ll be speed walking! I like the sound of that.

And by Wednesday of next week? I hope to be jogging.

Then. That following Sunday? I’m-a gonna do it! I’m going to be a part of a great day!

C’mon ankle, don’t fail me now!

So since this is a lame entry, I’ll have Claire liven it up with a song. I call it, “A Claire original.” I think, and this is just an educated guess, that she’s singing about birds not knowing why they sing and the Conn Smythe trophy. She does this daily. She creates a stage and sings. It never gets old. Personally, I think it’s the arm gestures that makes it. And the matching Penguins hat.

Oh, and for the record, she dressed herself. My only job is to remind her to brush her hair and to put on pants. And as you can see with Luca, I dropped the ball on that one. So sue me. I figure, they put those prints on the diapers for these very situations.

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  1. So…

    You’re saying that a long-sleeved t-shirt and a hard hat is NOT an acceptable outfit?

    Well, shit. Off I go to change.

  2. Be careful! You don’t want to permanently ruin your ankle. Think about how much that would suck.

    Also, your kids are the cutest ever! I can’t believe Sarah will be doing things like that in just a couple of years.

    • Aw! I love the concern. Trust me, I won’t push it if I really can’t do it. Matt said he’s ready to do my leg of the race. I just really want to. I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to, and if there’s one thing I know about the ankle is that you’ve gotta keep it moving.

  3. What a cutie! 🙂 I remember making up songs when I was little, but I never climbed on a stage. That’s precious. Good, healing thoughts headed in the direction of your ankle right now.

  4. They are super-cute, but that’s a terrible song, and you’re wrong for encouraging her.

    (Sorry, is that too mean?)

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