A simple creature

Maelie is a simple creature. She makes her needs known and we tend to them. She’s never been described as cranky, disgruntled or angry. I don’t even think she’s cried for longer than a minute.

Until today.

Let’s back up to yesterday. She didn’t want to nap longer than 45 minutes and even then, she’d wake up obviously still tired. Maybe it’s teething? All my kids got their teeth early with the first bottom two breaking through at 3 and 4 months respectively.

No, no excessive drooling or little teeth buds under the gum surface.

But what is it? Is she just going to become a cranky baby?

My Mom took Claire and Luca to the mall and as soon as they left, I figured she’d want a bath. She loves baths. And it was when I took off her onsie that it became obviously clear as to why she was upset.

Under her right armpit, she was raw. I mean RAW. Red, obviously irritated, raw. That’s apparently where all her spit up would settle. So imagine if you will, stomach acids sitting on your skin in a dark place…it’s a yeast party. And boy did it ever smell yeasty.

How on Earth did I miss this?

Easy. Last night, when we went to bathe her, she was finally asleep and I hadn’t the heart to wake her. So the onsie she was in all day stayed on her through the night. And then this morning, she was changed in a darkish room.

Not to mention, we jokingly call her right arm her “stroke arm,” because she holds it tight to her body in a fist as if it’s contracted like someone who’s had a stroke. She only does this when she’s laying on her back, just like every time we change her.

When I went to wash her armpit, oh. my. god. She screamed. And there were little baby tears. And her eyes looked at me like Mama, why are you letting me hurt like this? At that exact moment I felt like the biggest idiot in the entire world. My calm, easy tempered baby was in pain for two days because I dropped the ball.

She’s sleeping on my lap right now and I’m waiting for my Mom to drop off some Lotrimin cream and baby powder before I lay her down for what I’m expecting to be a very long nap. Poor thing.

So. What I’m trying to say is that even though I have three kids, I’m still learning. You never stop learning as a Mom. I may have seen it all, but I still unwillingly let things slip through the cracks. But one thing’s for sure, this’ll never happen again.

I’ve beaten myself up. Called myself an idiot, unqualified for motherhood, unobservant, dense, slow on the uptake…but then I stop. I realize that I’m a Mom and there’s no owners manual for the babies I’ve had. I just have to learn on the fly. Maelie is OK, sore, but OK. I’ve got the things I need to make her better and baby Tylenol on board. She’s sleeping on my lap, which is something she usually doesn’t allow. She likes to put herself to sleep in her Amby bed. So this translates to: exhausted Mae.

Maelie is a simple creature. And she’s beautiful.

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won’t let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.

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  1. Little Teeth Buds is the name of my next band. Excessive Drooling is my middle name.

    Anyway, super-sad story! But totally not your fault!

  2. Believe me, I feel totally clueless with Michael. And it’s not because he’s a boy; it’s because he is four years younger than Kate. I’ve already been back to the baby books umpteen times to see what I *probably* should know by now.

    Don’t beat yourself up anymore. We moms (and dads, too) are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got! You’ve discovered the problem and took steps to fix it. She’ll forgive you, trust me! 😉

    And Little Teeth Buds is an excellent band name!

    • It’s just that sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the simple things. It’s weird. So I kick myself because it’s things I should know better…but I’m over it.

  3. Reading this broke my heart. I couldn’t imagine how you feel. I think as a momma I’ll be a big baby. Poor thing. So glad you found it early and have the goods to fix her up. I’m glad you were able to stop beating yourself up. I’m sure all mom’s do it and I probably will too one day but it’s a role you can’t be perfect at no matter who you are. Things happen. And you’re right, she’s beautiful.

    • You’ll do fine. It’s one of those things you just kind of beat yourself up, get over it and then move on. At least she won’t remember it!

  4. Poor Mae! But you are an amazing mama. Way to make her feel better. 🙂 And I have so been there already too. I got so frustrated with Sarah for fussing in her bassinet one night right after a feeding and ignored her for about 10 minutes. I got up and checked and she had spit up all over herself and her bassinet. I felt like a horrible mother!

  5. It’s OK. I think I did the same thing one night in college after a particularly raucous mixer with the Alpha Tau Omegas, but I assure you, I didn’t have anyone to medicate my Barfy Arm. Mae is a lucky girl indeed.

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