What I’m loving

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I go back to work tomorrow for the first time post-Maelie and I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. I’m just hoping that no one dies on me. That wouldn’t be a very nice welcome back present.

Anywho, here’s what I’m loving, because I feel like writing about it.

1. Mother’s Day.

Because it’s a legit holiday. Not some lame Hallmark holiday. We as mothers kick ass daily. And no, we don’t get paid for it. No one could afford us. We do far too much and if all we get is one day to celebrate it, then I say, celebrate the shit out of it.

And yes, it does make me upset when people (like my husband) say, “Yah, I don’t know what to get my Mom yet,” and it’s THE DAY BEFORE. Um, excuse me. But she’s the one who carried you around inside her body for nine long months while chasing around two other boys, who birthed you, bathed you, got up with you, fed you, loved you and threw an occasional shoe at you. (You know you deserved it.) Honestly, I don’t know why we don’t do MORE for our mothers. I mean, damn, if it weren’t for my Mom keeping us in line, I could quite possibly be a crack-ho. Or worse…a bad person who litters. And doesn’t recycle. And kicks puppies.


So thanks Marmie for keeping my butt in line.

2. New shoes.

I got new shoes! I’m about 80% positive my old running shoes attributed to my ankle issue. They were Brooks and I found that they were too tight around the base of my toes and it caused me to run inward. I’ve always used Adidas in the past. The only other time I deviated from them was when I was in the Army and I bought New Balance because I thought I had to buy new shoes. Turns out I didn’t and I got two broken feet and a broken hip for my troubles. Was it all the shoes fault? Probably not. But Adidas are made for my feet.  They’ve never steered me wrong.

I went to Dick’s and they had these ADORABLE Nike shoes made just for the Marathon since Dick’s is sponsoring it. They say “Burgh” on the tongue and on the inside it has a print of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Plus they’re gold and black. I didn’t even try them on. I knew that I’d buy them simply because they were cute and not because they were the best for me. But, I found some awesome pink Adidas lightweight shoes that are of the adizero line that feel great. And, I was able to jump and do short jogs in them around the store with no pain. As soon as I put my Brooks back on, the pain started up again. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Best 85 dollars ever spent.

3. Pilates.

The lady who sends my Mom all those workout DVDs to give away sent me a Pilates one that I’m over the moon for. The review hasn’t even been published yet, but I already bought my own copy. I’ll give y’all a heads up when it’s posted so you can try to win it, because believe me, you want to win it. Plus the instructor, Tracey Mallett, is hot and has a killer accent. Can’t beat that.

4. Plums

Right now they must be in season because I bought a bunch at Trader Joe’s last week and I can’t get enough of them. Neither can Luca. He’s a plum-eatin’ fool. The other day I made the kids and Matt fish sticks and homemade fries for dinner and I had a bowl of plums and apples with yogurt and granola on top.

Talk about a random dinner.

5. Chobani

Speaking of yogurt, have y’all tried Chobani greek yogurt yet? It is so not bitter like others out there. I typically get honey or plain and mix it with fruit, but their strawberry is bomb. Of course I enjoy Fage and Oikos, but whatever Chobani does, they do it right for sure. I’ll gladly spend 1.09 on a container of that stuff. It’s the nectar of gods.

6. Magnesium sulfate

AKA Epsom salt. AKA magic healer. AKA my ankle thanks you.

I’ve been soaking it daily and wow, what a difference. I also read that you can use it as a face wash, hair volumizer and laxative. (I totally make my patients drink that stuff. It says on the bottle that it has a ‘lemony flavor’ to which I say, pish posh. It tastes like ass. At least, that’s what my patients tell me.)

7. Mowing the lawn.

A few years ago I single handedly killed our lawn. Matt and I were at Lowes looking for a weed killer. I held up one that says, “Kills weeds, not grass,” and Matt held up one and said, “My dad uses this.” So we got his. Did I read the label? Nope. I just sprayed. And killed all the weeds. And half our lawn.

So we suffered a year with it looking horrible and I honestly think Matt lost sleep over it, until we finally broke down and hired True Green to come and fix our issues. Now, our lawn is the prettiest lawn on the block, hands down. Not a single weed grows in it and it’s unnaturally green. It’s a chemical haven.

I’ve taken it upon myself to mow it to perfection. Almost as if I’m asking for redemption from the lawn gods. I do straight lines and make sure that each pass is almost identical to the last. Hell, sometimes I even catch the grass and throw it down the hill so that our lawn looks even better.

I spend at least an hour working on it. Then my neighbor, who is a landscaper, comes home with his fancy equipment and does his lawn in about five minutes.


Good thing I like them.


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  1. I like mowing my lawn and it’s a good thing too because I have been mowing it about 3 times a week thanks to dandelions. I hate those things. I thought about getting a weed spray but then didn’t because my pup likes to eat grass daily. I know they have kid and animal safe sprays but that can’t mean it’s edible. lol At least at the new house dandelions don’t seem to be a problem there. I think I’d love a good pair of running/walking shoes. I wouldn’t know how to pick them to save my life. I have these white sketchers. I like them but I’m sure they aren’t good for running in.

    • Yah, those probably aren’t good. I’d suggest going to a running store. They’re really good at finding the ones perfect for your feet. Or, just go try on a whole crap load. Don’t be afraid to look like an idiot, too, by jumping and doing runners lunges. It really shows you how much they’ll take impact and rub and such. And remember, just because they’re cute doesn’t mean they’re good.

  2. Up for a grass cutting suggestion? You can keep the same pattern, but mow in opposite directions each time you mow. Otherwise you’re always knocking the grass in the same direction.

    I don’t know what that accomplishes, but it sounded good to me when I used to have a lawn.

    • I took your suggestion yesterday. Super thanks! 🙂 I try to go in different directions, like vertical one week, horizontal the next. Seems to work well.

  3. Mark has obsessively taken to fertilizing and killing weeds in our yard. And now he’s talking about installing a sprinkler system all by himself. I think it’s his outlet for dealing with a newborn.

    Also, so glad your ankle is doing better! So many times my back will start hurting when I’m exercising and then it finally clicks that I need new shoes!

    Good luck with the running!

  4. Cassie, first–Happy Mother’s Day! If anyone ever earned the title Queen Mum, it should be you. 🙂

    Your new shoes sound awesome and just perfect for you. What a creative style, in black and gold and with “Burgh”—too cool!

    If it makes you feel any better, I killed my lawn years ago when I was single by doing the EXACT same thing you did. I had to wait till Fall, then plant grass seed and put straw over it. The next year the grass came back. This year I did something that I learned when visiting my brother in Atlanta. When they would get their last, or nearly last snow of the season, people would go out and spread grass seed on top of the snow. As the snow melts, it takes in the seed and then when Spring arrives, voila! A green lawn. I did it this year and our lawn looks like s golf course! Unbelievable, but true. 🙂

  5. My first Mother’s Day was HEAVEN. I think I like Mother’s Day better than Christmas or my birthday, because nobody expected me to do a G.D. thing on Mother’s Day.

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