In two days, Luca turns two. I’ve actually prepared myself for it, too. I had the menu down: turkey dogs, turkey burgers, mac and cheese, fruit salad, potato salad and regular salad. All things Luca loves. But I had no idea what to do for his dessert. So I asked my facebook friends.

I got a response from an old coworker from Fridays that I should make dirt. It was our favorite breakfast when we worked there. I’d help the prep cooks make it, for the small fee of three cups of dirt. And extra gummy worms.

What can I say? I had tight black pants and the prep cook liked me.

Theirs is just plain chocolate pudding and oreos with gummy worms.

Mine is going to be epic.

Because I never like to do things the easy way, I’m going to make his dirt in layers. With both vanilla AND chocolate pudding. And home made whipped cream. And I’m serving them in flower pots.

Yup. Flower pots. The kids and I went to Michaels and bought 30 clay flower pots and after they ran through the dishwasher, the kids painted them. Then today I sealed them. No worries, the desert will be made into paper cups which I’ll just place inside the flower pots, but each guest gets to take one home.

Honestly, they’re so dang cute I wish I could keep them all, but alas, I have to set a good example and sharing IS caring.

I’ll have plenty of photos come Sunday night, I assure you. It’s going to be a busy day, for sure. Thank the good lord for Carly, because she’s coming over to the house to help get everything going and set up because while she’s doing that, Matt and I are running a 5K for the St. Margaret’s Foundation. (They are SO cool. My favorite organization because I actually get to see the benefits – my patients.) All the kids are coming, too, and the Grandmas will be manning the kids. My father-in-law is even running the race, too. (Talk about my personal hero. He went from being a too-many-to-count pack a day smoker, to a heart attack patient with two stents placed, to a non-smoking 5K runner. Best father-in-law EVER.)

So. To sum up. I’m running yet another race, Luca’s turning two, I’m making a kick ass dessert, Carly is the bomb-diggity, and I’ll make sure to have photos.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Wow! That dirt sounds ah-MAZ-ing! You epic mom, you!

  2. Tracy Haraldson

    Hey babe….I’ve made that with Michaela, but for “fishing tackle”, it was her bait box, she decorated the outside of deli containers which resembles ‘worm’ containers from the bait shop! You’re idea rocks! Are you having edible flowers? LOL

  3. I love that idea for the dirt pots! And I also love that you have your kids decorate things for you. What a great thing for them and you.

    Just so you know, I’m totally stealing some of your ideas when Sarah is old enough.

    Have fun at the 5k! I’m planning on starting to walk them again in July. Been walking every day a little further to get my body back. Slowly, but surely.

    • Steal away! I’m telling you, a canvas with your kids’ finger paints on it is the best Christmas present. Every year the kids make something for the mass amounts of Contis.

  4. Epic dirt sounds awesome! I now want some dirt. I don’t think I’ve ever had it. Sheltered, I know. The flower pots are an awesome idea. So crafty! Hope the party went great! Hope your ankle is feeling better.

  5. Boy, is Luca ever going to be pissed when he starts eating actual dirt…

    “Mommy, your is so much better…”

  6. Photos, PLEASE! I know the party was a smashing success, dahling.

    P.S. This post made me hungry.

  7. I remember that dessert from my childhood! I’m really scared about what the vanilla pudding is supposed to represent in your version, though. Decomposing worm guts, I’ll assume.

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