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What’s going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on. Everything. Yesterday, Claire woke up with a nasty cold that steadily got worse as the day wore on. I ended up taking her to the doctor after her nap and she was prescribed a nebulizer and Albuterol treatments along with a chest x-ray. I’d rather not do the chest x-ray. She still sounds like junk today, but we’ll see how she is tomorrow. I’d hate to radiate the poor little bug all for nothing.

And can I also add that the medical assistant yesterday needs to work on her social skills? Poor Claire has never had a breathing treatment in her life. Hell, she hasn’t even seen one done before. And instead of explaining it to her (which I was doing while they were getting hers ready) she just stuck a mask on her face, told her to breathe and walked out of the room, slamming the door. Every time she walked out of the room, she slammed the door. Claire even noticed and asked, “Why does she slam the door?” And Claire looked at me, petrified, with this mask on her face.

Luca is in the midst of potty training. I’ve heard from a million other moms that training boys is so much worse than girls. Claire was relatively simple, and my plan of action with her was to just let her run around naked. It took a few solid weeks of not going anywhere and making her run around half naked, but it worked and she was able to wear pull ups after that. She was about 2 1/2 when she was able to go all day AND night in undies and I started to train her around 2 years old. (Loosely at 18 months, but I was pregnant with Luca and didn’t want to make too many changes for her.)

And I refuse to change his diapers anymore. Because Luca gets it, he just doesn’t care. He’d never tell me if he’d go, he’d just go and happily walk around in it. Boys are so gross. So I decided to take away his comfort, which was his diaper, and he cried about it. “Diiiiiiiaper! I want my diaaaaaaaapppper!” And it’s like having a puppy. That can aim. A puppy that can aim. I was loosely training him the last few weeks and yesterday, I just got fed up. No more diaper. He’d ask for it and I’d say no, he’d throw a tantrum and I’d walk away.

And I realized yesterday, that Luca isn’t only stubborn, he’s scared. He was scared to poop on the potty. I know this, because he is a multiple times a day pooper. And it was the afternoon and he still hadn’t gone. He was holding it in, that little shit. (So stubborn.) So I put the little potty in the living room and let him sit there with his favorite books and tv shows and even a sippy cup and let him just be.

And it worked. (My Mom sent me a text with the photo proof. I was at the doctor’s with Claire.)

Sure, sitting on a toilet ensures that eventually, when you do pee, it’ll go in the potty and yays all around! But he didn’t spend all day sitting on it. Later on, he was out on the deck playing, Matt and Claire were in  another room and I was upstairs with Mae. He came running in the house going “Ooooh! Oooh! Oooh!” so Matt snatched him up and put him on the potty. I found that he had a small accident on the floor. Sigh. But a few minutes later, while I was setting up Claire’s breathing treatment, I could smell more poo. I looked in his living room potty and there it was. He did it on his own. No one was around. He gets it.

So I just have to stick with it.

But it’s SO EXHAUSTING. I forgot about that. However – yesterday I got to go a whole day without having to change a poop diaper. That’s a score in my mind. (Mae only goes once a week. She’s about due.)

Your kids’ poop. So much poop. You cheer for poop. You talk about poop with your spouse. You get texts with pictures of poop. Who would have thought that when you have kids, poop is the most important topic of discussion for a decent chunk of their short little lives?

I’d like to say that it changes as we grow up, but it doesn’t. It’s one of the most important things my patients talk about.

“Sir, you have cancer.”

“Is that why I can’t poop?”

“Well, yes, but did you hear that you have cancer?”

“I get that, but will I be able to poop normally again?”

(Actual conversation I heard last week.)

So. While everyone else in the world is doing worldly things, I’ll be in my house with a half naked boy, a sick girl and a 3 month old.

I miss the gym already.



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  1. I so get this. We have been talking about Sarah’s poop since the day she was born.

    I hear potty training sucks, but at least after you fight through it there will be only one in diapers in your house!

  2. Obviously I don’t know much about potty training but I’ve never heard of the half naked way of training. However, I must say it’s brilliant!

  3. Why do I love poop so much? I was enthralled by this post. Maybe not the smelling part, actually. But the pooping normally for sure. And Mae going once a week? SCINTILLATING.

  4. I love the overheard conversation. 🙂 I think it’s such an intimate thing that it’s scary when it doesn’t happen naturally: “Am I normal?” “Does everybody’s poop look like that?” “He talks about going twice a day and I haven’t since last Wednesday; is something wrong with me?”

    Some days I think we chose the wrong type of kids (dog & cat) while Resolv’ing the latest over-pee spot on the carpet (missed the nighttime pad by that much) or the kitty puke all over my keyboard… then I read posts like this. Thank you for that. I think we all have our interesting (and gross) challenges. 🙂 And, yay, for the success w/Luca! 🙂

  5. Oh, boy. The things I have to look forward to!

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