Catching up

1. Luca has figured out the potty training and has taken it to a new level. We haven’t yet worked our way to being fully clothed yet, but he will stay dry when I take him to the gym, so that’s something. Not to mention, he puts himself on the potty by himself. And that makes sense…he has to be independent at all times.

2. I started drawing again. So far, so good. I chose an abstract photo of Mae. This means that if all goes well I’ll have to draw one of each child. This may be good or bad. I’m not sure yet.

3. 24 is an addiction. Matt and I had started watching it before the  7th season when they made that movie before the season started. Of course we were hooked. I mean, it’s Jack Bauer. He dies and comes back to life, kicking ass and taking names. Dude gets tortured with ammonia soaked 10-blades and blow torches. WWJD stands for What Would Jack Do. For real.

So Matt and I started from the beginning and are almost done with season 2. We started watching it only a few weeks ago. Being as we have 3 kids, we can only watch at night, so let’s just say I’m tired in the morning because Jack Bauer is nuts and we watch no less than 2 episodes a night.

4. Yesterday I gave blood. Now that I’m not pregnant, I’m back on my every two month schedule. It’s great – and then I found out that I also get points for donating that add up to getting gift cards. Woo! So, when I was checking to see how many points I had, I noticed my cholesterol level. And can I just say I was SO upset. So upset. Normal level is below 200. Let’s just say I’m above that and then some. I know genetics have a huge factor with it, but it’s still so mean. I work out five days a week, eat healthy and love oatmeal. What gives?

It caused me to send my Mom an email in blind panic. That’s what Mommy’s are for, right?

This makes me sad. Just another thing I have to work on, I guess.

5. I hate the stair master. Have I mentioned that before? I think I have. At the gym we have two giant ones that are actual stairs that run like an escillator and it kicks my ass. Today I lasted 25 minutes. Sure, I can run for an hour straight, sometimes longer depending on my mileage goal, but stick me on one of those things for even 20 minutes and I turn all gross and sweaty. There’s this race in Pittsburgh in late winter that’s for the American Lung Association where you go up a bunch of flights of stairs. Pretty sure I’d die. But I still want to do it.

What can I say? I’m a nut.

6. Claire served Luca yogurt today and they had a cute little impromptu snack:

They were talking about the finer points of diggers vs. dump trucks.

Cutest thing I’ve seen all week.

7. Pandora is awesome. My latest station loves are Joe Purdy, The Civil Wars, Florence + the Machine and of course Ray LaMontagne.

Love Pandora.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. 1. Congrats! Progress.
    2. I love the drawing you posted on FB – I did that exact project in high school and have thought of revisiting it. I may just have to do that. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂
    4. Bravo for getting back into giving blood. I’m taking two different meds for high triglycerides. Blech. It’s no fun trying to get those numbers down.
    6. That is precious!

    • Yah, I’m at a loss for the whole cholesterol thing. Whatever, I say. When I’m done breastfeeding, I’ll probably just take red yeast rice suppliments.

  2. Your drawing of Mae is fantastic!

  3. So with you on 24! We are in the middle of season 5. We aim for trying to get an episode in on any free day we can. And on days when we have the most time? We watch no less than 2! It’s so addicting. Last night we could only watch one and it was one where we SO bad wanted to watch 2. Can’t wait to watch the next one tonight! haha. 24 is a drug. Yay for potty progress, drawing, and giving blood. Thumbs down to absurd cholesterol levels and the stair master. You would be the last person I’d think to have high cholesterol. Doesn’t make sense.

  4. My cholesterol is way high too, has been for years. They actually put me on lipitor for a while, but it was expensive and I got tired of taking it. I figured I could work on my diet and exercise to get it down. Like you, I’m genetically predisposed to it though, so I’m not sure what good it will do.

    Love the drawing! You’re so talented!

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