Skills! Come back to me!

Last post, I mentioned that I’m back to drawing. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I used to be an artist of sorts.

I have my old drawings framed and hung on the wall. I call it my “Narcissists’ Corner.” Even though I drew some of them over 10 years ago, I’m still proud of it.

This is the very first shading I ever did when I was in 8th grade. I obviously didn’t understand the fine art of blending yet and took each mark quite literally. Either way, the following year I entered it into the Clarion County Art Show and won third place. Surprised the hell out of me.

The following year I drew this picture. I’ll give props to the first person (who isn’t my Mom or sister) to name who this is. I then entered it again into the art show and it got an honorable mention.

My junior year I drew this after I got dumped by my boyfriend of two years. I entered it into the art show my senior year and it won first place.

Now, I can’t really call myself an artist, though, because I can only shade. I can’t do anything with color. Anyone who can paint or use pastels are awesome in my book. I lack those skills.

So I realized that I get bored while the kids napped, so I needed to do something with my time. Matt suggested I start to draw again. I decided to use this photo as my first attempt in nearly 7 years:

And now, I’m done:

Next, I’m doing to draw this photo of Luca, per Matt’s request:

But I can’t decide on which one to do of Claire. I’ll have to think about it some…


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. You’re so talented – seriously.

    My guess – Andre Braugher?

  2. Matt’s pick is great. Mae and Luca’s eyes are so pretty in those pictures. No doubt you can find one like it for Claire. You might not call yourself an artist but regardless if it’s only shade, you’re an artist in my book. Your work is amazing. “Shade artist.”

  3. 1. Wow. Very nice.

    2. Do ALL of your children have those huge soulful eyes?? Dear Lord, woman, how do you look at them and deny them anything?

  4. So beautiful, lady. πŸ™‚ And, I agree, your kids have such gorgeous eyes! Precious. Can’t wait to see the next one! πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! I’m so impressed with your drawing… I thought the one of the hands was a photograph at first! Love that one of Mae. You’re so talented!

  6. I love the hands picture. That was brilliant, not only in concept but execution.

    And, um, John Coltrane?

  7. You didn’t let ME guess and I was going to say Louis Armstrong – poop!

    You ARE an artist, so stop saying you are not. There are plenty of people with amazing drawing skills like you who consider themselves artists. I urge you to look at the illustrations of Chris Van Allsburg and tell me he’s not an artist because he draws predominantly in black, gray and white. You rock, mama!

    • Sorry! I know you would have known, too.

      Your paintings are what’s up, Em. I always wished I could do that. I’m too literal at times with paint. I like the scribbles the kids make, but mine has to look real.

  8. Your drawings are beautiful! That’s one skill I definitely do NOT have. I swear, I can screw up a stick figure.

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