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It seems I have a slight obsession with photo taking. Especially when the subject matter is Maelie. Claire and Luca are simply too busy to sit still for a photo. Looking back, I didn’t get very many fun pictures of those two when they were babies. Oh well. Too late now. I’ll wait until their “I hate the camera” phase is over and then get them. For now, the backs of their heads and blurred faces will suffice.

Yesterday, all the big kids were napping and Miss Mae was awake. I actually had some make up on, so I figured it was a good time to take shameless self portraits. It’s what all the cool kids do, you know.

I’ve been doing them forever, mainly with Claire, because, well, she’d sit still long enough for me to get a shot or two:

Heck, I’ve even got one of Luca! That’s pretty hard to do, for the record.

So, in a nutshell, it’s a favorite pass time to take an obnoxious amounts of photos of my kids. Of course, to me, they are the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. Gosh I love them. And what amazes me further is that they’re half me. Pretty sure they got all the good genes.

While I’m not one to go around flashing photos to any passerby I see, I will, however, flash them to you on here. The only reason why I feel it’s OK to do this and not be considered annoying is because y’all chose to come to this blog. Yah. Justification. I’ll go with that.

I don’t put myself in the photos with the kids often, but sometimes, I just feel it’s necessary to remember everything about a moment. For example, yesterday during my little photo op with Maelie, I was feeling happy. I’d like to remember that 98% of the time I’m feeling happy. Not overwhelmed, anxious, upset, frustrated or angry – but happy.

I’m not a photographer, nor will I ever be, but sometimes I get lucky. Yesterday I had a couple fun shots. And they make me smile because in that moment I felt good. And it’s such a wonderful feeling.

I even got one with my favorite little dude.

Now that I’ve successfully nauseated each and every one of you with photos of my children, I’ll add as a side, Luca is now 95% potty trained. (Meaning, we only wet our pants when sleeping.) Mama Cass’s Potty Training Boot Camp has successfully turned my pants crappin’ little man into a Diego undie wearing, potty pooping, victory dancing dude. Ladies, he’s single and has been poop pants free since May.

“Call me!”


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  1. Taking pics when you’re happy is so healthy. We took over 400 on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and looking at those is all that keeps me going sometimes. 🙂 I say don’t be ashamed to be capturing those moments!

    I love how she’s scrunching up her nose in those first few pics. What a cutie!

  2. Clean pants = I get to have a Mohawk!

    I’m horrible at the self portrait. I always seem to miss half my head and get a close up of my nose and one eyeball. Not exactly suitable for framing…

  3. This is an aspect of motherhood I’m still trying to figure out. I have sooo many adorable photos of my seven-week-old, but it dawned on me the other day that I am in about two of those photos. I don’t want to look back and not see myself in those crucial first weeks, but it’s kind of hard to get out from behind the camera.

    And I think you’re right about taking pictures when you feel happy. I do have one photo of me and my baby his first week home where I am holding him. I initially cringed when I saw it because you can plainly see my post-C-section bulge, but it was the first day I really felt good since coming home, so it went in his scrapbook anyway 🙂

    • It took me a long time. When I had Claire, I was all zit faced (thanks, hormones) and tired. And I LOOKED it. But, gross looking or not, I wish I had been in more photos with the kids.

      And sweetie, you just had a baby! Of course there’s going to be a bulge. Wear it as your Mama badge of courage! (But it’s still OK to hate it. I hate each and every one of my stretch marks. We have a love/hate relationship. Emphasis on the hate.)

  4. I’ve found that as a parent it’s kind of expected of you to post lots of pictures of your kids. I just try to keep it to every other day on fb. 🙂

    Plus, your kids are freaking adorable. I never get tired of it.

  5. The “call me” cracked me up! Love your pictures. 🙂

  6. Oh, I love it. Beautiful photos!

    You have no idea how many photos I plan to take of Baby Powell. My camera only THINKS it’s gotten a workout up to now.

  7. It’s pretty great to see you gush about your kids. As a non-kid-wanter, I mostly dismiss it when parents talk about how wonderful being a parent is. But it turns out that when you’re honest and talk about the bad stuff along with the good, I actually believe you when you say the bad stuff is worth it. Hmph.

    That picture of you and Luca is especially great. I never get tired of seeing photos of you all!

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