never underestimate the kindness of strangers

“Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” -Blanche DuBois A Streetcar Named Desire


Today is the big moving day for Carly. She had asked a few weeks back if Matt was able to help, and of course, Claire had to tag along. I didn’t have anything big planned for the day, just grocery shopping, so I was glad that it was only two kids instead of three. Even though Claire is the best behaved of the bunch.

After Luca and I unpacked the groceries, we sat on the couch to have a snack. I was bored. And it was cloudy. And nothing sounded like fun. But I thought to myself, how often do I ever get just Mae and Luca together? I should do something that only the three of us can do.

So I got out ye olde jogging stroller that I have lovingly named The Beast, packed it in the back of the Jeep, gathered the troops and headed out to my favorite jogging trail – The Pittsburgh Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

I won’t lie, I was pretty excited. The last time I used my jogging stroller for actual jogging, I had Claire and Luca in the seats and Mae in my belly. This time I only had to push 55 pounds. 20 pounds for The Beast and the rest for the kids. That’s great in comparison to the 65 pounds of pushing and the extra 15 pounds of baby and baby related weight gain.

We found a spot by the 31st street bridge and took off running. Luca had insisted on bringing his blanket, so I felt it was only right to bring Mae’s too.

The trail was packed, mostly with bikers, however, there were a lot of Pirates fans walking up to the game. We had to do a lot of people dodging once we got near PNC park, but we got a lot of smiles. People can’t help but smile at the kids, especially with Luca pulling his Linus act with his blanket up to his ear and his thumb in his mouth. I had to have said “Good Morning,” at least a dozen times. Luca even started saying it, too.

When we got to Heinz field, we turned around.

By the time we got back to the car, I realized that Luca’s blanket wasn’t on his lap. I asked him where it was and he said, “Bye, bye banket!”


I asked a biker as he passed by if he saw a blanket on the trail. He said no.

I drove up the road half mile, asked another person, she said no.

I pulled along side the trail another half mile up and asked a gaggle of bikers and the one who answered was very rude, but she said, “Um, yaaaah. It was up the trail a bit.”


There were two other people walking along side that said they’d pick it up if they saw it. I thanked them and drove up the trail a little further where I could park.

Frantically, I got Luca out and lugged the infant carrier up the trail, all the while asking people if they had seen a green blanket. Someone finally said, “You mean that one?”

I turned around and there it was, held up by those two people I had seen before. They were in their Pirates tees and were very tall – a cute couple. The man handed the blanket to Luca and he cheered, “Baaaanket! Tank-you!” While he was doing that I was profusely thanking them. They said they understood, their niece was similar to that, stating that they called her Linus. I had to laugh out loud because, of course, that’s what we call Luca.

The fact that those two people went out of their way to help me find Luca’s blanket when they could have just carried on and went to the ball game proves to me that there is more good in the world than bad. All while I was trekking up and down the trail with Luca in one hand, Maelie in her carrier in the other, people were asking me if I needed help. And no one laughed because I was looking for a simple blanket. Sure, the look on my face made it look like I had lost a kid, not to mention my face was all flushed from just having run 5 miles, but they all looked at me sympathetically. They understood.

That’s Pittsburgh for you.

So to the couple that found Luca’s blanket, I thank you ever so much. Because good blankets are hard to come by.

And Let’s Go Bucs.


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  1. I was a child who loved my blanket. I completely understand! So nice of those people to help you. It always makes my day the rare times a stranger does something nice like that.

    • Mae uses my blanket from when I was a tiny baby. It’s still in great condition. I kind of hope she ends up loving it like Luca loves his. Claire loves hers, too, but isn’t nearly as attached.

  2. Freakin’ Pittsburgh. I bet Minnesota was like that too, but no one would have been able to find the blanket under all the snow. Yes, even in June.

  3. Buzz is my evil, short-haired twin. He comments sometimes, but is not nearly as nice as me.

  4. I know I would be a bad parent, because my immediate thought was, “If you didn’t tell me the blanket was lost, you don’t get it back.” But I understand it’s a little different when they come out of your own uterus. And are cute kids with cute voices and not just words in a blog post. BUT STILL.

  5. As often as they try to convince me otherwise, I guess people can be pretty OK sometimes.

    And thank goodness Blankie lives to fight another day!

    P.S. What brand is your jogging stroller?

    • My jogging stroller is Baby Trend. It’s great (and a double,) except the front wheel doesn’t swivel. If your plan is to use it as both a jogger and a mall cruiser, I’d suggest getting one with a swivel front wheel that you’re able to lock. But if it’s just for straight up jogging, then just get a fixed front wheel. I’ve learned to love my fixed front wheel, but it wasn’t without some swearing. Now it’s the best stroller ever.

  6. Love kind strangers. I lost a blanket my grandma had made me when I was too old to carry a blanket. I had it mostly for comfort. I guess I was 8 and took it in the woods to a tree house with my friends and left it there. I went back to get it and it was gone. Creepy. I still miss that blanket. Not because i want it but because I loved it and I would have loved to pass it to my kids. It was all kinds of cute with bears and colorful balloons and soft. So soft. So glad you got Luca’s back.

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