Yoga = happiness

I’ve been doing yoga at home for years. Years, I tell ya. Yet, I never got that full sense of how truly awesome it is. I can downward dog it with the best of them. My warrior stance is top notch. And I am constantly amazed at how breathing actually helps with a deep stretch.

But I needed more.

Enter Russ.

He is a yoga genius. His music mix has Natalie Imbruglia, Annie Lennox and Alicia Keys. And each song he chooses has purpose. His movements flow. His poses challenging.

Then, for the last five minutes we did relaxation.

This – I swear to God – was invented for me, a woman with three kids who make noises nonstop.

I laid on the mat and melted into the floor. I thought of nothing but breathing in and out. I didn’t think about all the tasks I had to do today, I didn’t wonder if the kids were being good or not for the daycare ladies, I didn’t think about the fact that I need to go grocery shopping today since Father’s Day is on Sunday. I didn’t think.

Pretty sure I haven’t not thought for a very long time. I always think. I’m half awake at 3 am feeding Mae and I’m putting together grocery lists in my head. Always thinking.

And that’s what I’ve been missing. At home, I just focus on the movements and getting it done to be done and feel stretched. But at class, I focused on breath and serenity. Two things I very desperately needed to focus on.

All too often I get caught up in the every day: wake up, wash face, go to gym, eat lunch, make kids nap, entertain kids, cook dinner, sleep, repeat. I seem to forget the bigger picture. Right now my bigger picture is making every day a little better. I have three kids that I want to raise to be good human beings. I have a husband who works very, very hard every day to provide a generous lifestyle for us. I have myself to keep sane so I can be the best mother/wife/Cassie I can be.

The bigger picture is living life, not missing out.

And if it takes me going to Yoga class twice a week to find the higher meaning of life, then so be it. I’ll be there.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I too get stuck on autopilot and don’t take a whole lot of just “down time.” I think you’re right, sometimes we just need to make some relaxing time for ourselves. Glad you found yours in yoga.

    • I never ever did that with Claire. And not really Luca, either. So knowing what you know now, you’re already ahead of the mother I was 3 years ago.

  2. People who’ve never taken a yoga class with a real, live instructor never believe me when I say it’s better than therapy AND chiropractics combined.

    Yoga is helping immensely with my joint problems during pregnancy, and it will be a huge part of how I regain muscle tone after the baby as well.

  3. I’m really interested in yoga. I’m not terribly bad at the poses I’ve done on the Wii Fit, but I’m afraid I’m too LAZY to really get into it. Like, as soon as I see that a position requires me to get on the floor, I’m done. Convince me to try it for real!

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