A simple request

When I’m nervous or anxious, I bake. Tonight I baked the most delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I think I’ve ever tasted. They have the perfect amount of oatmeal to chocolate ratio, with just enough crisp.  Delicious.

Too bad it took my Uncle being in the hospital to make said amazing cookies.

I have two Uncles, who both live in Minnesota. Matthew is the younger uncle who works with his hands for a living and there isn’t anything he can’t build. He’s always good for fishing and a good, high quality camp fire.

My older uncle, Marty, is the one who every time I hear a Queen or AC/DC song, I think of him. He loves monster ballads and uses his steering wheel as a drum set. He only drives huge pickup trucks because driving a car means, “Your butt is dragging on the ground.” He shares his birthday with my Mom, 10 years apart. He’s a very kind man who gives and gives and doesn’t ask for much in return. He’s also a very private guy.

So I’ll keep this simple.

My dear Uncle Marty is in the hospital tonight, instead of in his own home, living his life. So please, if you could, send a prayer up for him. He’s a good man. He’s a good man who I love dearly.


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