I’m-a gonna explode

So, on top of being a thousand miles away from my family while my Uncle recovers, all the little things are starting to pile up.

Where to start? My computer, for one. If I so much as unplug it for a half second, it turns off – no warning. The battery is shot, which is annoying because it’s only a few years old, but to pay the money to replace it, I might as well buy a new one. But, because of all the random shutting down it’s done, now, my browsers won’t open up on demand. Thus, I’ve created a system. I have to open up my browser, wait about 10 minutes, clear the cache, wait another few minutes, then proceed. Sometimes it’ll freeze up for about 5 minutes, but it goes away with patience.

But my patience is wearing thin. What is this? 1999? It’s two-thousand-and-freaking-eleven for chrissake.

Next, the paper I’ve been using to draw isn’t allowing me to blend very well. In fact, there are patches where the paper is as smooth as glass and won’t even allow me to lay down graphite. I find this majorly disappointing because I started drawing Claire’s photo and now I can’t finish it because the paper won’t allow me. And when I’m stressed, I want to draw. I’ve already baked us out of house and home, I want to draw, dammit.

And it’s raining. A lot. So we’re cooped up in the house.  And my car is getting inspected about a mile up the road. But Matt has the car seats in his car so I can’t even go pick up the car because how would I transport my three children.

My three children that are getting on my last nerve. Claire started it this morning by throwing a tantrum at Matt because he was playing a different song than she wanted to hear. Matt just wanted to dance with her, and she threw a fit. Lame.

Then Luca decided napping is above him, even though he’s dead-ass tired. So for the second straight day, he’s screamed and/or banged his sippy cup off the wall until he either A.) gets bored and falls asleep or B.) gets bored and shuts the hell up. Either way, he stays there. Because I said so.

And poor Miss Mae is in the stage where she can’t sit up by herself, but wants to. Can’t crawl yet, but wants to. Can’t stand yet, but wants to…and she wants to do it all NOW. So she yells at me.

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to say:

“Don’t hold me, put me down….Why’d you put me down? I can’t walk!….Why’d you put me in the Bumbo chair? I want to crawl…Why am I in the walk-around? I want to sit. My legs are tired. My butt is sore. I’m drooling on myself…my neck is wet…my gums hurt…I’m SO over being four months old.”

Sing it, sister.

But, through it all, she still smiles, bless her heart. Because honestly, I’d probably be found in the corner rocking back and forth with crazy hair muttering nonsense if she didn’t. I can only handle so many attitudes in one day and the older two have successfully used it up for now.

Am I whiny enough? I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, my best friend is kicking my ass in Words with Friends because he played the word FALL. FALL. How do you get 69 points for FALL?!

Plus, I just went through Mae’s clothes and her little tiny baby clothes will never again be on any of my babies again. This is extremely bittersweet. And I almost cried.

And I think I have split ends.

I’m done. Grumpy. But done.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. If ever there was a time to put the kids to bed early and then have a good belt of something strong, this is it.

  2. Deb K from Harrisburg

    I could relate to your message. Whenever I am upset about something serious, the little things that otherwise would not bother me tend to pile up and become the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. For me, it’s all about the feeling that I have no control over the serious event and I try then to impose more order and control over the things that seem to be within my grasp. Among other options besides a good stiff adult beverage, which I fully support, might be yoga….hope you feel better soon and your uncle is on the mend.

  3. You’re an amazing mom for sticking to your guns, even when all you want to do is something to make them be quiet. Sarah has had a very fussy week too, and sometimes I just want to scream. Good thing their cute little smiles make it all worth while.

    Hang in there!

  4. Girl, you deserve a trip to the Apple store, Hobby Lobby and the closest spa.

  5. Wait, but for real, how do I get 69 points with “fall”? The F is worth . . . 4 points? Hit him back hard with “qi” or “hadj”.

  6. OMG, Michael is constantly straining to be put down. He can crawl (for-real crawl now, belly off the ground), but not as fast as he wants to. He does downward-facing-dog, and I knock him down. None of that standing crap! The other day, he was trying to crawl fast and fell on his face on the kitchen floor. The outrage. Also: DROOL.

    So, mostly I have the not-baby-blues with you. Everything else, I’m pretty good. Sending hugs. And pie.

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