Yinz, I’m gon-be a suthern belle n’at

It’s no surprise to anyone who reads here, that the people who comment here are more than just anonymous blog readers, they’re my friends. Friends whom I’ve barely met (hey, Bluz!) or not even at all.

Jessica and Kelly have been here since pretty much the beginning. They were there for me when I was going through the worst of the PPD, the pregnancy with Maelie, the injuries, the running, running and more running…they’ve been with me through it all. And aside from this blog, we’re real friends.

For example, when I went into labor with Maelie, I texted my sister, of course, but then immediately, I texted Jess and Kel. They’re like family that way.

When Kelly found out she was pregnant, I was one of the few who got a picture of the stick texted to me before anyone else knew.

And Jessica, for some crazy reason, trusts me for sound parenting advice. Soon, she’ll figure out that I’m probably not the best person for that stuff, but at least I sound smart when I type it.

These two women I have never met. Ever. I haven’t even heard their voices. I remember I asked Jessica if she had a fun southern accent and she said no.  I won’t lie that I’m sort of disappointed about that. So Kelly, you best have one otherwise I’ll wonder what the heck y’all do down there in Louisiana.

But this stops now. Well, in September. This stops in September. Because in September, ladies and gents, I’ll be flying (with or without Mae) to the great state of Louisiana for four days of fun, pies, southern charm, running, baby showers, plays, sight seeing and hopefully more pie. I like pie.

It all started when I casually asked the girls what airport they usually fly out of when they travel. Nonchalant. Stealth. Casual. This resulted in:

” Are you going to come see us? Because we may never let you go back to Pittsburgh. We’ll lure you in with our delicious Southern food and you’ll be too hot to ever want to go outside again.”

So I stated that, yes, I had tossed the idea of visiting around a little and this then resulted in:

“YES YES YES YES YES!” (from Kelly) and “Kel’s baby shower will be September 17 and we have an extra bedroom and pack and play, just sayin’.” (from Jessica)

And that, my friends, is how the ball got rolling and turned into me booking flight from Pittsburgh to Shreveport just in time to get to celebrate Kel’s baby shower for little Miss Harper, run with Jessica for her very first 5K, see The Guy act in a play and I was promised pie.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. First of all, I haven’t been on vacation in almost 3 years. I know it’s my own damn fault for continuing to procreate, but still, Mama deserves a break now and again. Not to mention I’ve been using the kids as a scapegoat to not going anywhere. But slowly, very slowly, I’ve been actually *gasp* asking for help and taking time for myself. Just today Matt and I went for a run, together, outside, without children. And it was a brilliant run. We went just under 5 miles, but had a ridiculously large hill to climb near the beginning of the run and only had an hour to get all that done. (I’m serious! It was a monster. It brought us from down at the Allegheny river to the top of a hill where we were high enough above the trees to see the river clearly and still kept going up.)

Next, I want to meet them. Because while I already know them, I want to actually see them for real. I hear Jessica is really tall and Kelly is pregnant. But I don’t believe such things until proven otherwise.

Plus, I want to meet Sarah. I won’t lie.

Two years ago, I started (well with Carly, but she’s since moved on to bigger and better things) this blog with the hopes that I’d have an outlet to write any random thought that popped into my brain. I never really thought about where it’d go. I just hoped that I’d find what I was looking for. What it turned into was a place where I meet with my friends. My ‘regulars’ are some pretty awesome people whom I have found a deeper friendship than I share with people I see on a regular basis.

When there’s a random photo of a bathroom fail, I expect it to be sent to me by Bluz. If there’s baby drama, I talk to Jess. If there’s running and reading stuff, I hear from Ashley. And when I have a sewing/craft/painting/what the heck am I going to do with these paint swatches issue, I talk to Kelly. And any fun/snarky comment I’d expect from Katie.  Friends. Real, live friends.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So look out Louisiana! I’m comin’ to town! I plan on drinking lots of lemonade, making paper fans and working on my sweet southern accent. Because that’s what I believe y’all do down south.


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  1. I had a huge grin on my face the entire time I read this. Kelly and I have both been talking about how excited we are that you’re coming to see us. We will make it an awesome, fun vacation for you (and Mae if you bring her). And heck, I’ll even bust out my suppressed Southern accent for you. Actually, I don’t think I sound Southern, but you may!

    I am with you, I feel like I’ve made some amazing and real friends through blogging, and you are one of the very best.

    And I hope you’re a hugger, because goodness knows you’ll be smothered from hugs from both Kel and I at the airport (oh yea, and Sarah too!)

    We can’t wait!!!

  2. Yes, Jess and Kelly… hug Cassie as much as possible. And get all your friends to hug her too. [snork]. She loves it!

    Am totally jealous now… wish I could stow away.

    It’s funny how bloggers seem to know each other so well, even if they’ve never met. I know I was worried a little before the first Darwinfish Fry, that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about and would just sit around staring at each other. Afterwards, I felt dumb for even considering that notion, as we all hit the ground yapping and didn’t stop until we tumbled out the door.

    Although I would be remiss if I didn’t warn Jess and Kel to have some oxygen masks handy. That first day might be a doozy… And remember to cover yourself first and then put the mask on the kids.

    Love ya, Cass!

    • We wish you could stow away too Bluz. Maybe Kel and I can plan a trip up for the next Darwinfish Fry! I hope you guys wouldn’t mind being surrounded by lots of little girls…

      And Bluz, Kel and I call each other and 30 minutes disappear in what feels like seconds. We’re both talkers. I guess I better put in an extra order for oxygen masks.

  3. Also, will someone please explain “yinz” to me. Is it the equivalent of “y’all”?

    • Oh, it’s horrible and I never use it in a sentence out loud. I can’t bring myself to saying such horrible things. But yes, I think that’s what it’s meant to be. I stick with y’all or you guys.

  4. It’s true that Jessica doesn’t have much in the Southern accent department (she has so many other talents), but I sure do! I CAN’T WAIT until you come to town! We’re going to have a blast!

  5. Yes, “yinz” = “y’all.” It’s a shortening of “you’uns” that is native to Western PA. I’ll be sure to let you know about the next D-fish Fry. I’ve known worse things than to be surrounded by little girls. And big ones.

  6. Yay! That’s wonderful you get to meet blog-turned real- friends! I’d love to do that! You’ll have to put me on your list sometime. Maybe when I get better at 5k’s we can run one together in Pittsburgh or something! And yay for getting to go someplace cool like Louisiana and be a southern belle for a few days.. not to mention pie. Pie sounds good. I love pie too.

    • Oh we will! I’ll run as many races as you’d like! I do love to run races! Especially when it’s someone else’s first one. Just call me the race devirginizer.

  7. Yeah, you know, it actually weirds me out that it took me this long to actively read you. I remember looking at your blog a couple of YEARS ago, commenting on a post or two, and then for some reason, only reading sporadically. Which doesn’t exactly lead to getting to know someone. I’m glad something finally clicked with me, because now yours is one of the blogs I enjoy most.

    Jealous that you’re meeting Jessica and Kelly before I am, but I look forward to getting the dirt on them from you!

    • Oooh! That’s a super-duper compliment! Thanks! I enjoy reading yours, too. There are some that I read and go, “Meh,” but yours are always things that I find interesting.

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