what I learned on Independence Day 2011

1. If it’s hot, or even above 65 degrees outside, expect Western PA’s finest to come out in droves wearing short shorts (for the ladies) and no shirts (for the gentlemen.)

2. When the ladies wear their short shorts, expect to see cellulite. And lots of it.

3. Along the lines of expectations in clothing, expect that the majority of the population will be wearing things that are just plain not appropriate.

4. With laws pertaining to no smoking within 10 feet of anything these days, I learned that Point State Park is an exception, which translates to: Smoke it if you’ve got it. And when you’ve finished, repeat.

5. Fireworks are trippy enough as it is, however, when people throw in psychedelic drugs such as LSD or shrooms, they make people watching that much more fun. Pupils dilated, mouths agape, walking as if they’re floating…Thanks for taking one for the team so I could get a good laugh.

6. Pittsburgh truly is a small town-like city. I ran into an old Army friend while he was working (as a police officer) who I haven’t seen in over 7 years. It’s good to know some things don’t change.

7. While huddling with hundreds of other Pittsburghers under a bridge during a major downpour, I learned that there are some really good people and some really nasty people out there. The good people made a spot for Claire to stand in along with myself since Maelie was strapped to me in her sling and the bad people shoved Matt out with Luca in the stroller to make room for themselves. That’ll teach us for not having an umbrella.

8. Pittsburgh knows how to put on a fireworks show. Last night’s show was probably the best I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something given that I have seen a 4th of July fireworks show on a military base.

235 years ago we became our own nation. And I love the US. Yes, our politicians are wonky. Yes, there are radical individuals who are full of hate that live here and protest military funerals. Yes,  it’s legal for the TSA to fondle us in the name of safety. And yes, women still make about 70% on the dollar of a man. But we have freedoms that some only dream about.  And this is the one time I don’t ever want to play the “grass is always greener,” game.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday of the year. I love what it stands for, the fireworks, the “I love the USA” feeling. It’s good to have pride in the place you live. Not even just once a year, but if it’s only once a year for some, then I’ll take it.

And the cellulite. But really. Why? Why??


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Oh girl, you think that’s bad, you’ll have to come visit us during Mardi Gras sometime. On top of the cellulite there are lots and lots of drunk rednecks with mullets and questionable hygiene.

    Glad to hear the fireworks were great! Ironically we were under a burn ban and forbidden to pop any, but they still went on with the city’s fireworks… only to have it pour down on them just in time for the show.

  2. We should probably find a way to integrate more candy into the 4th. I’m into barbeques and all, but how can I be expected to celebrate my country when there’s no American-flag-shaped Peeps to help me out?

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