art project of mass proportions

For a bunch of weeks now I have been mulling this idea around in my head for a grand art project with the kids. It was going to involve plywood, newspaper and paint. And it was going to be awesome.

Yesterday I decided that it was the day for action. So after all the kids woke up from their naps, we hauled off to Lowe’s in search for plywood.

A guy named Adam, who was no older than 17, helped us find the perfect piece of plywood, then cut it into sections for me. He asked me what it was for, and when I told him, he responded, “Wow, you’ve got to be the coolest Mom ever.”

Thanks, Adam from Lowe’s. That was sweet.

The project had to take place in sections. First, we had to apply the newspaper. Since using caustic glues is out of the question, I resorted to my favorite, papier-mache. We sat out in the front yard, applying ripped up pieces of newspaper to huge pieces of plywood, all the while hearing my neighbors’ kid and his friends talk about all kinds of annoying things while playing in the pool. (Claire would ask, “Why does that guy keep talking about balls?”) Boys are gross.

Trying to explain to a three and two year old that they can’t paint their project until tomorrow because it needs to dry is annoying. I swear they have a memory that resets every 10 seconds.

“Mama? Do we get to paint yet?”

“Mama?! Paint! We paint! I paint!?”

Last night I felt horribly anxious. I don’t know why. Well, I do. It was because my house was a wreck and all I wanted to do was clean it up and make it organized, but that is something that would take more than an evening to complete. Plus Matt had a late softball game and Luca was perfecting the fine art of being 2.

I put the kids to bed, and then I laid in my own bed feeling sad. So I grabbed my pillow and crawled into bed with Claire. We talked about everything that goes through a 3 year old’s mind and 20 minutes later I left her room feeling better.

Then I heard Luca at his door. He said he was scared and was trying to sleep on the floor. I grabbed his hand and walked him to my room and plopped him into bed with me. That was the first time Luca has ever slept in bed with me. He promptly fell asleep, and so did I.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. (Luca went back into his bed when Matt got home.) I had a dream about my impending trip to Louisiana, where all the trees were dead and Kelly’s nurseofficery was actually in a loft space and had a white canopy. And we bought fruit and lotion from a vendor on the side of the road. Can’t wait for the trip!

I went to yoga and my Mom took the kids to the playground and out to lunch. Mae and I got home and instead of cleaning, since she went down for a nap, I painted the inside of the front door to match the kitchen cabinets. Then I painted the window sills to match. Then the banister. Then I made curtains for the front door. Then I sat back and looked at my hard work:

After the kids woke up from their naps we got to work:

Naked painting is a must around these parts.

What’s black and white and PAINTED all over?

Obama is!

Mae just sits and teethes. She’s good a that.

Claire hard at work.

Each large piece is 3 feet by 4 feet and each small piece is 6 inches by 4 feet. That’s a lot of Luca-s.

And it takes up my whole darn dining room table. (Claire’s big piece is in the other room drying.)

And when he’s done, he looks like Carrie at the Prom.

That’s how we roll at my house.



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  1. Fruit and lotion… that’s all you need for a good time – LOL!

    This looks like it will be awesome! You’re one busy lady, but I’ve never known you to sit still for very long 🙂

  2. ROFL “Carrie at the prom” Hahaahhahaaha. Did you dream of the roadstand lotion? I’ve never heard of such a thing. But then I wouldn’t if it was your dream, right? I have to make it over here more often. I try to read once a week, but I’ve been distracted lately. Miss you!

  3. Well, obviously, you’re the coolest mom… duh!

    I think in the Luca-Spatter pic, he looks like a “Dexter” in training.

    Yes, Louisiana is famous for their roadside lotion stands. They’re usually right next to the roadside lipstick kiosks.

  4. You are such an awesome mom! How fun!

    Also, I’m so glad you’re already dreaming about coming to see us!

  5. 1. I cannot WAIT to see the finish product of this epic art project.

    2. You are the raddest mom ever.

    3. While the nursoffery is unlikely to morph into a loft space, all the rest of those things could totally happen in Louisiana.

    Just remember: This is Louisiana. Anything’s legal if you’ve got enough money.

  6. Adam from Lowe’s calls it like he sees it. You are the coolest mom!

    And Luca has this awesome Jackson Pollock thing going on. Very new wave. Tres avant garde. Be careful with naked painting, however. You can end up painting your balls. Boys! (smh)

  7. Wow, it REALLY took me a second with that Obama comment. Why is everything racist with me today?! While this is totally rad and just the sort of thing my mom used to do with my sister and me, I HAVE to believe you painted Luca that like; it looks too perfect to be accidental.

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