Lazy, lazy, lazy

I need a thesaurus to define another word for lazy. Because that’s been us today. But lazy seems like a gross word.

Despite the 100 degree weather, the kids and I managed to somehow get  a cold. Claire got it the worst out of all of us, as usual, but the amount of times I’ve wiped the other kids’ noses should hold a world record. Three snotty noses…

…and I’m back! Monday’s are typically my ‘double days’ at the gym, where we go in the morning so I can run and then back in the afternoon so this Brazillian woman named Angelica can kick my ass in an ab/lower body strength class. “…Juss don even tink abou it. Juss do it…” And when I look at her body while she’s telling me this, I work just a little bit harder because her body is the bomb.

We didn’t make it to the gym this morning. Claire, cute as she is, was laying on the couch, practically melted to it, saying, “Mama….*sniffle* can we go to the gym now?” I told her after a nice long nap, we’ll go. She just needs to relax some. Plus, in the afternoon, especially on Mondays, they’re pretty much the only kids that go, so they won’t have to worry about infecting others. (Though, I’m positive they’re no longer contagious. Just snotty.)

So far this morning, the kids have done this:

1. Watched Ducktales.

2. Read books.

3. Sat on the couch and watched more Ducktales.

4. Dug up weeds.

5. Watched some more Ducktales standing by the tv.

6. Ate chicken-dogs. (They hate TJ’s turkey dogs, so we tried the chicken ones and turns out they love it!)

7. Layed on the floor watching Ducktales.

So far today, I’ve done:

1. Played Words with Friends on the couch.

2. Scrubbed the toilets.

3. Dug up weeds.

4. Played more Words with Friends outside while the kids splashed in the puddles.

5. Entertained Mae while her stubborn bottom teeth slowly make their arrival.

6. Ate dried cherries.

I hate the days when I don’t go to the gym first thing. I feel as if I do nothing. And as my above list shows, I really do do nothing when this happens. Plus it’s rainy. And my throat is sore. And Mae is upset with her mouth in general, not that I can blame her.

But at least she has her smiles:

Oh, I also made trail mix. Add that to the list. Let’s see…yup, still lazy.

I think we all need a lazy day now and again, though. Tomorrow will be busy, because we have the gym, Claire’s class and my it’s-been-eight-weeks-go-donate-blood blood donation time. And Wednesday we have Matt’s softball game in addition to the gym. And Thursday I have spin class, so I try to stay upright the remainder of the day. (Just kidding. Sort of.) And Friday my Mom comes home. (She’s out taking care of my Uncle who is rehabbing from his latest grand-mal seizure. Keep the good thoughts coming.)

So for now…I’ll keep playing fetch with Claire, (She’s pretending to be a dog,) I’ll keep entertaining Miss Mae and her mean teeth and Luca will keep being snotty.


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  1. Mae is precious. I don’t know how she can muster up that pretty little smile while teething. She seems like such a happy baby.

    Hope you all feel better soon so you can get back to your regularly scheduled productive-ness. 🙂 But in the meantime, enjoy the lazy day!

  2. Your “lazy day” sounds to me like the perfect Saturday. Only with bacon and beer added.

  3. You’re right, sometimes we just need lazy days. I took mine yesterday. It’s good for your health.

    Also, I am so not looking forward to mean teeth.

  4. Ugh, I have a summer cold too! I couldn’t stop sneezing yesterday, and I was REALLY hoping it was just allergies, but no dice. I feel like crap today, and wouldn’t you know I have a cover story due at 5:00? BUT OF COURSE.

  5. “DuckTales” still exists?! Do you have the movie? Soooooo good. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this day. Beagle Boys!

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