A typical Tuesday

My life isn’t very interesting. But I’m going to share it with you anyhow.

Tuesdays typically start with me rolling out of bed sometime after Matt pokes me and tells me it’s time to get up. Matt likes his mornings with the girls (Luca usually gets up when I do) since he works longish hours, so I get to sleep. Plus, by the time he gets home from work, Mae is about ready for bed. So he sees her all of 2 hours a day, maybe.

I don’t have any classes at the gym that I like on Tuesdays, so we get there when we get there. Today, Maelie went for her weight check. (She’s up to 14.8 lbs!) Then we went to the gym. At the gym I did a fast 3 miles and then weight training. Claire said my “squishy belly” is gone today. So yay for that. Progress.

When we get home, I put Bubble Guppies on for the kids so I can feed Mae and lay her down for a nap and get a shower.

Then I make lunch. The kids wanted pizza, so I delivered:

While that was cooking, I started the bread for dinner:

This is by far the best recipe for bread, ever. And since I don’t have a printer that works, I make my computer travel. It’s amazing how it’s not constantly covered in flour and sugar and such.

Then I thank the person who invented the dough hook:

I mean, really. Kneading by hand? No wonder my Grandma has arthritis in her hands. I mean, sure, I’ll knead by hand if I have to, but while this was kneading the dough, I got to eat lunch. Priorities, people.

After lunch, the kids play:

(Luca told me he was a giant and he was driving the steam roller in ‘tiny land.’)

(Claire and her pariscope. She said she was recycling.)

Then I go over what is going to happen on Sunday. Since I spend 12 hours at the hospital on Saturdays, I really have no time then.

This Sunday is my Mom’s birthday:

Me. Planning ahead. This is epic.

Then Maelie wakes up from her nap:

And of course, she’s all smiles.

From there, the kids continue to play, I punch the bread dough, and the dog looks pathetic:

Everything’s up to par.

Then it’s nap time, which translates to whines, cries, excuses and potty breaks:

While the kids nap, I watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy and stare at a basket of laundry that won’t fold itself.

After the kids wake up, they sit on the couch like zombies and then out of nowhere, they have a ridiculous amount of energy.

So we gear up and we head off to Claire’s taekwondo class:

Then the rest of the day is a blur. We get home, I make dinner, Matt gets home, the kids go nuts,  and we eat dinner (Mae eats some yogurt.) Then Maelie gets a bath and goes to bed. If it’s not raining, the kids are running around outside (Matt included) and then they eat a snack, get a bath, we read several books, sing twinkle twinkle little star, then they go to bed.

Then Matt and I watch 24.

Then sleep. Glorious sleep.

So goes a typical Tuesday.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Okay,

    1) that potty picture is a work of art,

    2) so is your handwriting,

    3) I can’t believe your kids eat tomatoes,

    4) and that you make bread,

    5) and how incredibly busy you are in general.

    I’m a little bit overwhelmed.

    • 1. I know, right?
      2. Aw, shucks.
      3. Luca eats them every time we grocery shop. That, and he says hello to everyone he sees.
      4. Nothing is quite as good as homemade bread. Plus I want to make a french toast bake for breakfast and needed the bread. Score.
      5. I’m really not that busy. I mean, I’ve been basically sitting on my ass the whole time the kids have been napping. Besides Maelie chewing on a train whistle.

  2. A day is never complete without 24. I have no idea what we are going to do when we run out. 😦 We finished season 6 and are impatiently awaiting the movie between the seasons and season 7.

    I’ve thought about doing “a day in my life” kind of post too! I love this! It’s neat to see how someone elses day is. After seeing the swinging video on FB and now this picture of Mae after her nap.. she is all smiles! What a good baby!

    The picture of Luca is so cute! You can always threaten to show that to his girlfriends when he’s older. 🙂

    • I say rewatch 24 from the beginning. I mean, how much do you really remember? We’re half way through season 3, and have had already seen the movie where you’re at and on. By the way, you’ll love the movie AND season 7. I think Renee Walker is my favorite character to date. Plus Tony! Ooooh Tony.

      I LOVE reading things people do during a typical day. It makes me happy, so do it.

      Oh and don’t worry. I have a photo of Luca on his 2nd birthday naked, but I inserted a censor bar.

  3. I first caught on to the 24 addiction in season 8. So I made Craig go back and start them from the beginning with me. I guess that was earlier this year. My favorites are: Chloe, Tony, Edgar, Milo, and of course, Jack. I caught Renee during season 8 that I saw and I wasn’t too crazy about her at the time. But then again, Craig hated Chloe at first and likes her now. I totally love Audrey too.

  4. I love this post. It fascinates me to see how other mama’s run things. That pizza made me hungry and those photos are fantastic, especially the bathroom one.

  5. I made pizza today, too!

    And yeah, that potty photo is pretty great.

  6. All I had was manuscript revision and a boring staff meeting. Wanna trade?

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