6 month old roll call

Claire. April 2008

Luca. November 2009

Mae. Today.

It goes so fast, it’s unreal.


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Claire and Luca look exactly the same! It’s fun to look at Mae’s photos and try to imagine her all grown up.

    • Luca is the kid who from birth to now has merely grown in height. His face is the same. I look at photos of Claire from a baby and I could mistake her with Mae sometimes.

  2. Adorable. And the kids are cute too!

  3. Luca looks exactly the same! Ha!

    I love how expressive Mae is.

    A cute bunch you have there.

  4. Mae’s face is priceless. And those are some beautiful blue eyes Luca has! It’s so neat how I can look and Claire and Luca at 6 months and see how they look today in those pictures. Time flies. I wouldn’t mind if it slowed down a bit.

  5. What a bunch of pretty babies! Even though Claire is ooooooold now, she still looks just like she did as a baby. Now I’m dying to see grown-up Mae!

    (Not sarcastic!)

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