we went to the zoo and all I got was photos of the backs of the kids’ heads

First off, best day ever. Well, in a long time. Best day. Awesome.

It started (for me, anyways) around 8, with my sore throat that I ended yesterday with. But I was determined to make today work. It was sunny, 68 degrees and perfect. Shortly after waking up, I put Mae down for her nap. While she did that, the kids and I had a dance party in the living room and many matchbox car races ensued.

When Mae woke up, I already had peanut butter sandwiches and TJ’s applesauce crushers (best invention ever) all packed, along with a bunch of water and diapers for Mae. We were ready to rock ‘n roll.

I told the kids we were going out to a surprise and nothing more.

A few weeks back I was contacted because I had won four free tickets to the zoo. I found today as the perfect opportunity to use them – with one extra to spare, since Mae is free.

We got there and I posted to facebook:

I honestly considered turning around. I mean, the kids didn’t know where we were going…

“Mom? Are we going TO THE ZOO?!?”


We got out, elbowed a few elderly and got through the ticket counter quickly since we already had our tickets.

Side note – I know it’s been a bunch of years since I was a Girl Scout, or Brownie or Daisy or whatever they’re called, but aren’t they supposed to be nice and courteous? Because apparently today was Girl Scout day at the zoo and they weren’t very nice. I especially appreciated the comment: “Why is that little turd in front of me? It’s MY turn to look.”

That little turd was Luca, FYI.

The people watching was top notch, too. There was a boy, probably about 5 or 6 who ran away from his mother and her awesome (yes, I’m judging here) parenting skills included her running him down and screaming at him in a childish manner. (What I’m saying is, she was acting like a 5 year old instead of being the adult.) The son proceeded to scream back at her and run away again, almost running into a zoo Tram. I wonder how many points that would be.

My only complaint about our zoo (because I truly love it so, honestly) is that most of the doorways aren’t really stroller friendly. I mean, c’mon. This is a ZOO. Kids are typically the top audience that goes to a zoo, so why wouldn’t they have automatic doors? Or at least those wheelchair buttons. I mean, handicapped and elderly go, too. Throw me a bone, here! So the double doors that they have with my double stroller aren’t so fabulous. Though most people are kind and hold doors for me. I’m always appreciative and so are the kids.

Another side note – holy shit are kids obese these days. I swear, of the 10,000 kids I saw today, at least half, if not more, were overweight and sporting guts. It was disgusting. I know that’s really rude to say, but it was. It’s gross that 3 year old kids look like they could pass for a pregnant person. And the cankles. Kids shouldn’t have cankles. So sad.

Anywho, the trip to the zoo was awesome. Claire and Luca were perfect. Mae didn’t cry and enjoyed the stroller. I am in awe.


“Yay! I’m so exited! The Zoo!”

Claire stops to check the map for the fiftieth time.

“Boo. Not excited.”



“Whatevs, Ma.”

She was so excited about the Sand Sharks (her favorite) that she couldn’t even give me a decent smile. So instead, I got a constipated look.

Mae: “Nom, nom, nom.”

Luca: “Um, Mama? I’m tired.”

Claire: “Woo! I dressed myself!”

And this is Mae with her new favorite friend.

After the kids took their 3 hour naps, we went to Claire’s Taekwondo class then to the gym, where I did my second night in a row of spinning. I’m crazy like that. And addicted to sweating and such. And crazy. Did I mention I was crazy?

Because I am.

Then we got home, had some dinner, baths (and a well needed shower for myself) and now everyone is sleeping except for Matt who is watching the Pirates while playing baseball on his iPhone.


Great day.


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  1. Claire is a girl after my heart with her map – LOVE that!

  2. That sounds like such a happy day for all of you. Except the brat calling Luca a little turd. How do you resist the urge to knock the kid on the ground? I mean, I was never a bully in school – I was the shy kid but someone being a bully to my kid would probably cause me to get pretty upset and say something. I’d want to tell the kid that I heard what he said and it wasn’t very nice. Sheesh. How rude!! Anyway, so glad you all had a great day. 🙂 The weather was gorgeous. Claire with the map is too cute. lol

  3. I would have said, “Boy, the Girl Scouts must be so proud of you. Can you get a badge for being mean?”

  4. What a fun day! 68?! That’s it, next August I’m coming to Pittsburgh. And that photo of Mae with the tiger is the cutest.

    • It ended up being 84, but yah, starting out at 68 is a great way to start the day. Just don’t visit in January or February unless you are looking forward to losing an appendage due to frost bite.

  5. How cute are they?! I can’t wait to take small fries to the zoo.

  6. OMG OMG OMG. In that last picture, the way Mae’s arm is sticking out, it looks like she’s taking it of herself! This has made my day. She’s a 6-month-old taking glamour shots of herself. You need to sign her up for Facebook ASAP.

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