A day in the life: Wednesday edition

Wednesdays usually start around 7:30. I have yoga at 9, so that means I have to make sure all the kids are awake, fed and dressed. Oh, and I guess I have to be all that, too. Today I ate greek yogurt and a plum. Yum. (Hey, that rhymes!) Then we head off to the gym.

After yoga, we come home and Maelie is typically ready for her nap. So I put her down, schlep downstairs where the kids are watching a show and make lunch. Today, the kids chose mini whole wheat bagels with peanut butter, peaches and about an hour later, tortellini. Sometimes Claire is like a bottomless pit. Today was no exception. After making her wait a half hour, she wanted more. So she had cottage cheese, fruity flakes and herbal tea.


Since it’s been threatening rain all morning, we played inside. I attempted to get a photo of all the kids together. Which of course, as we all know, it never turns out well:

Luca was being wiggly:

Claire was yelling at Mae:

Mae was yelling at Claire:

Luca posed with Mae:

Then he put his pants on by himself:

Then Maelie teethed on some of Luca’s planes:

Claire and Luca decided to play nice and pose:

Then Maelie decided she’d had enough:

So I put them down for naps and made lunch:

A nice spinach, apple, strawberry salad with some sunflower seeds. This dressing is probably the best I’ve ever had.

Oh, and I watched reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.

Later, weather permitting, we’ll go to the sprinkler park at Deer Lakes. (I should also mention Maelie permitting. Her teeth have been awful to her lately.)

Then it’s chicken tortilla soup time, thanks to my awesome slow cooker. I swear, I use that thing at least twice a week. Especially on Tuesdays and Mondays when I go to the gym from 6-7. There’s nothing better than working my ass off, then coming home to dinner, already cooked, courtesy of ME.

That, my friends, is a typical Wednesday.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. The picture of Claire yelling at Mae and then Mae having the exact same expression Claire did in the next picture almost killed me with cuteness! That is too darn funny! Luca’s pants being so high while he’s sporting a smile of pride is awesome. 🙂 Enjoy the soup! It sounds great.

  2. I love all those photos, especially of you and Luca and of Mae yelling at Claire. And Claire drinks herbal tea? Impressive.

    Where did you get that salad dressing?

    Also, I want your average day. It’s much healthier and much more fun than my average day.

  3. Hadley and Maelie need to hang out so they can bitch to each other. I’m sick of Hadley’s “WAHHHH. My teeth hurt. WAHHHH!” Well, guess what kid, my ears hurt.

    • Word. Anytime you’re down, I’m down. Mae has been handeling it rather well, but it cuts into her sleeping, when of course she’s truly happy. So…yup. Random outbursts it is.

  4. Chicken tortilla soup – one of The Guy’s favorites! I need your recipe, please, ma’am.

    • Let me make sure this one doesn’t taste like death and I’ll send it over. I’m adding on some lime to see if it makes it extra special or gross.

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