lots of videos

Well I done did it. I logged on to my YouTube account and watched old videos.


The first one is from when Claire was 10 months old and we were in Minnesota. (Because I’m sure the accents don’t give it away.) We were on the beautiful lake Ossawinnamakee and this time every year, I miss it so.

Next we have Claire washing Carly’s car. That night, I had Luca. (And I wonder where those shorts went…)

And what a character Luca is. He’s got a great beat (and if you read last post, you’d see his drumming skills.)

Is it hockey season yet?

Lastly, he’s too sweet for words.

OK, I’m done now.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Those videos are so sweet. They make me wish I was home snuggling my little bit. I can’t believe how quickly they grow.

    How old were yours when they started walking?

  2. I can practically guarantee that The Guy will attempt to video record every SECOND of Harper’s first year of life.

  3. Video 2: I kept waiting for someone to say, “Side to side. Breath in. Breath out.”

    Video 3: My nephew Daniel used to dance like that, whenever the Drew Carey show came on. Who knew Cleveland actually does rock?

    Video 4: So good to start them young. I’m surprised Claire wasn’t in there giving cheering lessons.

    Video 5: Clearly, Luca wishes Mommy would stop yapping at him so he can watch his TV show in peace.

    Get used to it, pal.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Claire’s so TINY in the first video. And the second one! And Luca was actually dancing in time to the song! I can’t believe how much I like your kids! (In theory. They’re probably terrible in person. Smiley face!)

    Going through my own YouTube videos is one of my greatest joys in life. I always forget to take videos. I should be recording stuff here all the time and making wild NYC montages.

  5. I love Claire washing the car! Too cute! lol and Luca cheering and kissing the camera, what a sweetie!

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