it’s not so bad

When people see me going anywhere with all three kids, their face quickly changes. I often get comments. “Oh my goodness!” “You’ve got your hands full!” “Good luck!”

I’ve heard it all.

And up until last night, it really hasn’t been that difficult. I mean, sure, we’ll have our times where one cries, so the other cries and then Maelie laughs. Or Maelie will be trying to sleep and one is yelling or playing too loud and the other is shouting, “LUCA! DON’T YELL! MAE-MAE IS SLEEPING!” and then she wakes up, obviously pissed. Or my favorite – “Luca, that’s fine, you stay here, bye!” “MOOOOOOMMMY! I WANT LUCA TO COOOOOME! YOU CAN’T LEAAAAAAVE HIM! DON’T LEAVE HIM BEHIND!” I’ve explained to her many a time that it’s just to get his feet moving, but it A.) never works on him because he’s smart and super stubborn and B.) causes Claire to melt down.

Then again, most things cause Claire to melt down.

If I had to describe each of my kids in one word it’d be pretty simple.

Claire: neurotic
Luca: mischievous
Maelie: pleasant

Claire is one anxious ball of energy. She over exaggerates and senses every emotion on the planet and internalizes it. She is drama. But, because of her heightened sense of emotion, she’s the first to notice when someone’s sad and offer support.

Luca is a good boy. Most of the time. But he has the art of selective hearing down to a science. It’s actually pretty amazing.

Maelie is, well, Maelie. She’s the very definition of pleasant. I sure hope she stays this way.

Matt was out of town last night and I’m not so much counting down the hours until his return, but rather counting down the hours until nap time. Here’s my last night:

7:30 – return home from the gym where we promptly begin video chatting with Matt and bed time for Maelie.
8:00 – the kids watched some awful Noggin show (I think Dora or Diego) and I video chatted with Carly.
9:00 – bedtime for the big kids.
10:00 – after a shower, three cheesecake cupcakes, a Gatorade and using the best toothpaste in the world (Arm and Hammer, baby!) I crawled into bed.
10:05 – I forgot to check on all the kids and find Claire sleeping on the floor in front of her door. Not a good sign of things to come.
10:15 – bed time! Yay!
10:56 – Maelie wakes up. This is too early, so I stuff a Nuk in her mouth and schlep back to bed.
12:30 – Maelie wakes up again. Defeated, I feed her and find bed again.
1:30 – Maelie wakes up AGAIN. I feed her Motrin this time.
3:00 – Claire comes into my room stating she hears things outside her window. She’s on the second floor and the only thing outside of her window is a tree that’s about 10 feet short of touching the house. Therefore, no sounds. Whatever. There’s no reasoning with her, so she crawls into bed with me.
3:30 – Maelie’s hungry.
4:00 – I get a foot in the face and drool that doesn’t belong to me on my pillow.
4:30 – This time I get an arm in my face.
6:00 – Maelie’s awake again. This time it’s Captain Tylenol to the rescue.
6:50 – Luca’s awake. What?! This is the king of sleeping until 8:30. Sigh. I roll over and find Claire’s eyes wide awake just staring into me. I swear, it was almost like she could bore a hole into my skull with that gaze.

And here we are. 7:45. All awake. The kids are surprisingly not  overly cranky and I’m not overly tired. Pretty sure it’s just a front and around noon I’m going to feel the impending doom of whiny, crying, cranky kids.

Adding a third kid was easier than adding the second. Mae just sort of fit into our lives and we continued on. But having three kids isn’t that easy all the time and doing it solo last night was about as much fun as when I got my wisdom teeth taken out. But what’s crazy is that Matt has traveled plenty of times since Mae has been born, including when she was only 3 weeks old, and we’ve not had such a hard time. I guess I was due.

Though right now Luca and Claire are reading books and Maelie is chewing on stuff, so it’s not so bad. It could totally be worse.

So. Would I recommend having three kids aged 3 and under? It’s not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be mentally strong, patient and prepared for the worst.

But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Wow, what an exhausting night. You got like no sleep! I feel for you, Cassie. Maybe you should nap with them today? 🙂

  2. Oh wow, so sorry for cheering Sarah’s sleeping last night. Sounds like you had a rough one. Glad most nights are ok though.

    Also, just last night Mark said, “Being a parent is not for the faint of heart.”

    And I want three of them… So I guess I better suck it up and just steal myself for many many more years of no sleep.

    I hope tonight goes better!

    • You know, it’s funny. In the beginning I was thinking all, “Yah, five kids would be awesome!” and now I’m all, “Yup. Three is perfect.”

      And seriously, I’m so happy Sarah slept for you! You needed it for sure. Our bad nights are few and far between and typically Matt’s in town. So it’s not so bad.

  3. I wonder if I should down some baby drugs every day before work. Take a little nap on the subway; spend the morning all groggy and happy. Down a couple of Diet Mountain Dews during lunch, and push through the afternoon.

    Sounds like a rough night, but also sounds like you’re perfectly capable of handling it!

    • Today turned out to be a great day and I wasn’t even the slightest bit tired. Which is really odd. Because I’m typically tired all the time anymore. I must be dying.

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