What’s your motivation?

This past week I’ve really been beating on my legs. For how often I work out, I don’t really get sore anymore. Sure, my muscles feel fatigued and tired, but not sore. And I really wanted to feel sore.

Apparently my Monday night instructor is a mind reader, because we had one of the most difficult lower body and ab class I’ve ever experienced.

The ab class was difficult because we used 5 kg plates and on top of doing a lot of repetitions, she also had us do a lot of hip flexor moves. That’s my biggest weakness – my hip flexors. It’s not so much that they’re not strong, it’s more that they’re very tight. I blame pregnancy. It’s true! Just Google it. After pregnancy your hip flexors, lower back and thighs are more tight than before. And I don’t mean tight in a good way.

For me, yoga has been helping immensely. Swan pose and I have a love/hate relationship, but over the past few months my flexibility has improved 100%.

During the lower half workout, we did multiple repetitions of lunges, squats, inner thigh straddle pulses (sounds dirty!) and 300 calf raises. IN A ROW. 300. I’m not joking. All to a song that had the lyrics of, “Hello!”

Angelica the instructor said, “When you step out of bed in the morning, I want your first leg to say, ‘Hello, Angelica!’ and the other leg to say, ‘I love you, Angelica.'” And for the record, my calves have been saying “Hello!” since then.

Tuesday night I went to my regular RPM spin class and since my calves were still saying “hello!” I was a touch worried as to how I’d preform. Especially since this particular release had 3 extra tracks, making it a solid 60 minutes of hard work. Angelica made it fun, though, because we took all of our spin bikes and formed a circle. We cheered, yelled, screamed and groaned all together and it was probably my favorite class to date.

*side note: I have been asked before what spin class is. It’s a class where you’re on a stationary bike and pedal to a soundtrack. You have an instructor who tells you how much resistance you should have and when to stand, sit, sprint and jog. In a typical class, you can burn anywhere from 500-700 calories.

I woke up Wednesday hurting. But it felt goooooood. This is what I wanted, what I had worked so hard for and I was finally there. I went to yoga ready to stretch it out and feel even better.

The yoga I go to on Wednesdays and Fridays is called Body Flow. It’s a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates all set to a soundtrack. This is an example of a balance track.

Go ahead. Stand up and try it.

Then try it on sore legs. I surprisingly didn’t make an ass of myself, so there’s a positive.

Today, though, half way through spin, I was having a hard time staying motivated. My quads were done and Janis was asking for us to do standing runs. So I had to dig deep and find my motivation.

My motivation? The half marathon. I want to run it and I want to run it well. I know I can run 13 miles, but I want the quality of those 13 miles to be fantastic.

So I pushed it today. I gave it everything I had and then some.

Sure, I want my love handles gone, and my thighs to be that of a supermodel and I would love to have at least a 4-pack, but that’s all superficial. And I know that if I keep working out as I have been, I’ll have that. But I want something that has always seemed out of reach, and that’s to be a marathoner of sorts. So I’ll keep working at it. Keep striving. Because if it’s what I really want, then I can make it happen.

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  1. You really do amaze me. I wish I could find that motivation. I used to have it when I rowed in college. Pushing through that final 500 meters was a beast, but I had to do it, or I would throw our whole boat off course and the other 7 rowers would kill me. I once rowed a beast 2000 sprint race while I had mono… though I thought I was recovering from strep.

    I need to get that motivation back!

  2. Before I understand what spinning was, I thought it was basically like when I go to the gym and sit on the one stationary bike that stopped providing any sort of resistance and that I use precisely for that reason. You know, the kind that has the comfortable seat that supports your back? Yeah, just like that.

  3. Super Mom is at it again…

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