proof they’re growing too fast

We all know that of course Maelie is growing too quickly since she’s an infant. It’s what they do.

The other two are very quietly growing up. And as my Mom put it, they’re growing like weeds. Weeds, I tell you.


Claire has left the “NO PICTURES MOMMY! I’M CRYING!!!” phase and has now entered the posing phase.

And yes, while Luca is still the most accident prone child I’ve ever met (not to mention it always happens to his beautiful face,) he’ll actually sit still so I can get a picture of him WITH CLAIRE.

Nevermind Claire and her zombie gaze. It’s her, “I’ve been sitting here for longer than two minutes and you still haven’t gotten a decent photo.”

And he’s wearing 2T jeans. Well, the jeans eat him alive and I have to roll them and it’s all saggy, but still. 2T JEANS. Come hell or high water. (He still wears his 18-24 month jammies and sweats…)

Wouldn’t you believe it? He’ll pose for a picture on command. I will show people at work photos of the kids, and of course, I have a million of Maelie and at least a several thousand of Claire and I have ONE of Luca. One. In his underwear. So here. Luca proved me wrong.

Oh and who am I kidding. Here’s a photo of Maelie.


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  1. These are some awesome pictures. Yep, Claire and Luca look like they’ve been sneaking in a little Miracle Grow. Claire is looking like such a big girl! School next year right? Time flies.

    • Yup. She’ll be in preschool next year. I held her back this year because she’ll have the rest of her life to be in school. She should be a kid as long as she can.

      • I agree with you whole heartedly. My SIL put her daughter in KINDERGARTEN at 4. 4!! Because she thought she was so smart and would do well at going early. Sure, she is smart, but to me she stole a year of her just being able to be a kid. The school she sent her to was a christian school known for not being up to par with the rest of the school, so when she turned 5 and went to public school because she was allowed, they put her back in kindergarten because she hadn’t learned enough to advance to first grade. Ugh. I was furious that they did that to her. They completely took a year of her childhood away when she could have just played and learned and had fun at home. End of rant.

      • Oh I agree 100%. That makes me so sad 😦

  2. Claire is turning into such a beautiful little girl and Luca a handsome little man. They aren’t babies any more! Good thing you still have Miss Mae’s chubby cheeks to cling to.

    You make the most adorable kids.

    • I know! They’re NOT babies anymore. Sigh. Makes me so sad sometimes. But they’re fun to converse with…which is something Mae hasn’t mastered yet. Though she is an excellent listener.

  3. I agree with Jessica. If I ever wanted a child, I’d hire these two to create one for me.

  4. Your kids are absolutely adorable!! They should be on tv ads they have the best smiles 🙂

  5. Mae is hilarious. And Claire is the prettiest zombie ever. (Just kidding; that doesn’t look zombie-ish at all.) I love older kids who will pose for cute pictures! The worst is ADULTS who won’t pose.

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