preparing for a long weekend

Did I ever mention that my middle name is Louise? It is. I guess because of that, it makes sense that I go to Louisiana in two days.

My logic is amazing.

I won’t lie, I’m nervous to go. Not for anything other than the fact that I’m leaving Claire and Luca for three nights. The longest I’ve ever been away from them is two nights. And I’ve always been within an hour’s drive.

But the impending fun totally outweighs me being a nervous Mom. Besides, I’ll have Mae as my kid-conduit.

For the past two weeks I’ve been drilling Matt on our daily routines. Don’t forget, Matt, we go to the gym at this time on Thursday, this time on Friday and we always have this for lunch, that for snacks…don’t forget to make them eat fruit! I nag because it works. Are you listening to me? Why are you mocking me? This is serious. I’m going to be a MILLION MILES AWAY! You lack the mommy compassion that I have in spades. Why are you laughing? What is wrong with you? This is a big deal! 

Then, of course, begins the what if I die, Matt? WHAT THEN? So of course, I’ve educated him on the lullaby I sing to Claire every night.

That lead to more mocking.

For the record here it is:

Big girl Claire-Bear close your eyes
I’ll sing you a lullaby
My love will keep you warm and snug
‘Til you wake my precious one, my love

It used to be Baby Claire-Bear, but she always corrects me. Sigh.

So point Matt this way should I perish forever.

You think this is irrational? Whatever.

This weekend I began preparing for the trip away. I’ve started from most important to least important. Most important: cookie dough. So I made 3 dozen worth and rolled them into little balls and froze them. Then, I attached a post-it with directions as to how to make them.

Then I went grocery shopping. I made out a menu for them while I’m away, all with easy to make things. Matt’s not a cooking idiot, but he still relies on me for these things. I even have a crock pot thrown together that he just has to dump in the thing and press start.

And because my presence is that amazing, and I’ll surely be missed by all, I made a loaf of Matt’s favorite – banana bread – to hold him over until I’m back. He said last night that it was fantastic. Score one for me.

Then I scrubbed all the bathrooms.

If my Mom taught me anything in all my years it’s to A.) Always wear clean underwear because you just never know B.) being bendy is a good thing C.)  fruits and veggies are your friend and D.) always have your bathroom prepared for anything.

I learned that last one the hard way when I spent many hours praying to the porcelain god after a bad night of drinking and failure to follow the creed – liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. I clearly remember her saying, “Well, if you cleaned your bathroom often enough, it wouldn’t have been so bad.” Thanks, Ma.

Lastly, I threw in an extra spin class to make up for the one I’ll be missing on Thursday. Though, Jessica promised me that we’ll eat plantain chips and do yoga one night. We’re kindred spirits, I tell ya.

So Mae and I are leaving on a jet plane at 7:30 AM Thursday morning, connecting in Nashville and landing in Shreveport where Jessica and the infamous Miss Sarah will be waiting for us at baggage claim.

Bring on the drive through daiquiris! I’m going down South!


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  1. Have fun! I don’t blame you for making sure Matt knows your routine. I try to tell Craig my routine with Milo all the time in case I don’t make it back home one day, ya know? He has a routine and he likes it. Milo fusses me if I don’t stay on it, so he should know the routine. 3 days won’t be so bad, you’ll be back before you know it! Enjoy the time away! Afterall, Mama can probably use that vacation. 🙂

  2. Well I for one am SO EXCITED you are coming to visit us. I know you will miss Claire and Luca, but (as I’m slowly learning myself) it’s good for them to have some daddy time too. Plus, we can video chat with them!

    I promise to make sure you have so much fun that it will be well worth your time. And if you get sad, we’ll go through the drive through daiquiri and make it all better. Also, I will make sure the toilet is immaculate, just in case.

    • Yay for video chat! Claire loves doing that when Matt travels. I think Matt likes it a lot more than her, too. Especially if I’m wearing something that subsequently allows him to see down my shirt. Boys.

  3. I always notice how clean my friends’ toilets are. Even as clean as mine is, I would never EVER touch it with anything other than my bum. When I see people in movies all sprawled out on theirs as they vomit, I vomit, too.

    Okay, enough being judgemental. I’m so excited for your trip. OMG, I am going to be e-mailing you the entire time you’re gone, like, “Who do you like better, Jessica or Kelly? Whose accent’s more ridiculous? Is Louisiana as terrifying as it seems?”

  4. Routine is important, BUT… BREATHE little lady! Let Matt parent his kids. It will be fine, even if things don’t go according to your plan, okay? I’ve learned to let go when leaving the kids, which I don’t do very often, but our partners are perfectly capable of taking care of our children. You are going to have a fantastic time and I suspect that Matt will really enjoy his alone time with Claire and Luca. It’s good for all of you!

  5. Squeee!! I’m so excited for you! You’re gonna have a great time, and don’t forget, if Matt runs into any problems, he can call me. And your plane trip will be fine. And Mae will capture every heart in that plane. And you’ll love Louisiana (because you’re a Louise) and and and….it will be REALLY weird without you here in the state. Don’t forget your calling card, and make sure you tuck that $20 bill in your socks. Oh wait…’re not 5 and you’re not taking care of your sister….

  6. I’ll be waiting on you too! Can’t wait! WE’S GONNA GET OUR BABY SHOWER ON.

  7. I am SO envious of your trip. I want to hear every detail! Please igive the Shreveport honies a big hug from me.

    Lastly, Relax! Everything is going to be fine. Matt’s had good training; he’ll do fine.

    Now go have fun!!

  8. Ima start following your blog now. Just sayin’.

    Have fun in LA. And if there is still “Cajun Daquaris” on Jewella, that’s the place to go. Ahh, Styrofoam cups with straws taped on top. Tastes like high school. 😉

  9. Oh, also? I just got back from a 2-day trip to Minneapolis (I live in Dallas) to see my girlfriend, and left my 9-month old at home for the first time, alone with Daddy. It was fine. We Face-time’d (is that a word?) on the iPads. Grant tried to hug the iPad. It was really cute.

  10. It was pretty! I’ve visited her there before. The weather was great both times. This weekend, though, we stayed downtown, and there was a massive RIOT on Nicolett (sp?) street. We tried to get back to our hotel and were stuck in traffic for an hour at around 11:00pm Saturday night. Just about every cop in MPLS was downtown – even motorcycle cops and cops on HORSES!! It was nuts! But, whatever. It was a good trip. I enjoyed the break from mommy-hood, even if I did still have to pump while I was away. 🙂

    • Drama! It’s such an amazing state. I love our downtown. Did you make it to the sculpture gardens? It’s my favorite place ever. I think I wrote a post about it on here if you search.

  11. I know you’re already on your way, but have a great time. It’s like being in another country down there. Awesome place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there, of course.

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