Dahn South.

The lady sitting next to me on my flight home yesterday said to me, “You’ll never meet a stranger in the South.” And how true that is.

As much as y’all want me to tell you who I’d now officially take in a divorce, instead, I’m going to write about how AWESOME the south was. Or South. I’m pretty sure that’s a capitalization. South. THE SOUTH.

Any who, I went. I saw. I ate.

Even better? I drank 151 guilt-free, mixed into a lovely strawberry concoction while using a ridiculously sharp Japanese knife and  making dessert. In my warped mind, that’s what heaven looks like.

I already miss it.

Vacation to some is not vacation to me. I view vacation as doing absolutely nothing except for eating, sleeping, talking and seeing the sights. So aside from Maelie and her messed up sleep schedule, I did all of the above.

A list of things I saw:

*Amazing mullets
*Braided beards and NASCAR tee shirts
*Chaps in Walmart
*Riverboat casinos
*Many, many bugs
*A woman washing her windshield by sitting on the hood of her car
*Purple shoes, plaid pajama pants and an amazing ‘fro all on one person

For the record, Sarah is adorable. Those photos don’t do her justice. The dimples, the high-pitched squeals, the HAIR! Love that kid. Now I feel like a really far away, no blood relation what-so-ever, a little quirky, auntie to her.  That’s how cute she is.

Things I heard in the South? Really awesome accents. It was an accent party. None of them were obnoxious, too. Being as I’m used to the occasional yinzer accent, I was ready for a good Southern whopper. I must be immune.

Things I did in the South?

Ate. A lot. And it was good.

I was also introduced to the Drive-thru Daiquiri. Being from Pennsylvania, I had no idea such things existed. Seriously. According to wikipedia, Pennsylvania is an alcohol beverage control state. No shit, sherlock. We buy our wine and liquor at state owned Wine and Spirits stores and beer at beer distributors. We’re considered “highly restrictive.”

So. Going through a drive-thru for alcohol  like I were going to get ice cream at DQ was freeing.

I almost felt, when I went through the airport in Pittsburgh, like I should scream, “I CONFESS! I PURCHASED AND DRANK ALCOHOL FROM A DRIVE-THRU!”

Because, seriously, if I wanted to, I could have bought a gallon’s worth. A GALLON. I mean, c’mon. My drink was made with real strawberries. That’s a great excuse. I’m being healthy.

For the record, we went with 20 oz. It was happy hour so it was buy one get one.

Personally, I wish I had ordered Wild Screw just so Mark would have to shout it to the lady taking orders. Though, she looked a bit rough around the edges and if anyone were to cause any issues, she’d just poke a sawed-off shotgun through the window.

So I just got Strawberry and stifled a giggle.

I had asked Jess what level of trashy we were going for. Was it super trashy: kids in the backseat and before 5 PM; moderately trashy: kids in the backseat; or high class: just adults.

We took the moderate route.

Then got buzzed.

The kids had a great time figuring each other out. (I personally think Mae, for the first time ever to me, looks like Luca in that photo.) They were both relatively good, with all things considered.

We dragged them to Walmart.

We dragged them to restaurants.

We dragged them to the river.

Then we dragged them to more restaurants.

Kelly’s baby shower was the main reason for me going down, though now that it’s done and paid for, it was just an excuse to get my butt down there. I’m so glad I did. Kelly’s nursery for Miss Harper is beautiful, though I expected as much. I was also super glad I got to see her all preggo. And despite what she may say, she is a beautiful pregnant woman. All belly and all up high. I can only imagine what her breathing must be like.

Also, their friends are amazing, too. Everyone kind, open, and easy to talk to. They all made me feel so welcome. I super enjoyed being able to talk to Susan about real life medical stuff and her stories are awesome. Plus she brought wine. And there were a lot of pregnant women around me. So I avoided drinking the water.

Staying with Jessica was awesome. She gets what I need in the baby aspect. A quiet room, privacy, and alcohol. Sure, one daiquiri and a glass of wine is all the alcohol I consumed, but still. She gets it.

Plus she let me bake for her. I love to bake.

Most of all, meeting Jessica and Kelly in person was like seeing them again after being a year away. It’s like I’ve always known them. We clicked and now I can finally call them my official real life friends.

Because they are great friends.

I can’t wait to go back.

And this time, consume more dessert. (Not desert, as I keep typing it.)


About Cassie

Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Dessert count:
    1. Strawn’s strawberry pie.
    2. Strawberry/pineapple crumble
    3. Rollin’ in the Dough chocolate cake
    4. Strawberry daiquiri?
    5. Kelly’s shower cake.
    6. Pineapple Popsicle.

    Somehow we missed the whole cookie category! You’re right. More dessert and more alcohol next time.

    So glad you came and stayed with me. I so loved having you. I feel like we’ve been friends forever.

    Also, I’m glad I got to snuggle Mae. She is even cuter in person too!

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I kind of wish I had been invited! Cool kids, and all that.

  3. Seriously, more time together next time. I demand it! It is always a pleasure when people giggle instead of get nauseous at my Colostomy Candy story. I heart you.

  4. You gave in too easily… you’re supposed to hold out for them coming up to Pittsburgh!

    Thank you Jess and Kel, for taking such good care of our Cassie.

  5. #1: Healthy daquiris – love it.

    #2: I think that’s the only photo I’ve seen of Miss Mae Moo sad – she didn’t like that restaurant, clearly – ha!

  6. I’m so glad you came down to visit! It made my shower weekend that much more special. And now Jess and I have to venture to Pittsburgh – talk about strangers in a strange land!

    • Me, too! It’s not too strange up here. Especially if we take you around some yinzers. I wonder if you’ll pick up our amazing accents. Because they are amazing.

  7. It’s great that you had such a fun time and a great getaway! You should make it a yearly event, whether here or there! The girls are so cute together!

  8. Cassie, it was so great meeting the person whose comments I read on Kelly and Jessica’s blogs and think, “Wow, she seems like a really sweet, intelligent gal with a good sense of humor”…annnnd I was right! 🙂 So glad I got to meet you and sweet Mae and glad you had a great time on your visit here. Come back!

  9. 1) HOLY CRAP! Mae looks exactly like Luca in that picture! Fuh-REAKY.

    2) “figuring each other out” is way too dirty for the context you’re using it in.

    3) I have a hard time looking at you two and knowing I’m older than both of you when you’re holding babies and talking about needing your liquor and stuff.

    4) The South seems really shady to me, and that drive-thru did not help at all.

    5) I love this post!

    • Gosh, Ett. You make it sound like you’re 50 or something. Even though you’re closer to it than me. But at least you’re younger than Bluz. Pretty much everyone is. 😉

  10. Drive thru daquiri??!?! I have never heard of such a thing but now I absolutely wanna find one! BTW the kids are absolutely adorable thanks for sharing these amazing pics.

  11. I picture a plump southern sheriff just sitting at the end of that drive-in and pulling people over as they leave. “What we got heer… is a fail’ur… to communicate!”

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