Small to tall, here’s what’s been going down

A lot of things have been happening here. Let’s start from the smallest and get to the tallest, shall we?


She’s discovered IN ONE WEEK the fine art of: crawling, pulling herself to stand and furniture walking. This equates to mass destruction of the face. She crawls into things, bam. She pulls herself to stand, bam. She furniture walks from one chair to anoth-BAM. I went from having a baby with a perfect, unblemished face to I-swear-to-God-I-don’t-beat-my-child face. There’s two bruises that are noteworthy, one on her right cheekbone from when she met knob to face not once – but twice. The other one is on her right forehead from multiple face plants. It doesn’t even stand a chance of getting better at this rate. I’m kind of kicking the Cassie of 5 years ago “We should TOTALLY put the hardwood in the living room, too!” in the ass. We have very large area rugs, but, of course, she is never ON them when she meets the floor with her head.

We’ve even had to lower the crib because she was going to get out of that thing one of two ways: 1.) lifting her leg up over the side or 2.) kamikaze-style over the edge.

Not happening on my watch, kid.


He’s learned how to identify all letters and numbers (except for the number 2) yet he still doesn’t know his colors. I mean, not a one. I’m not sure if it’s because he just plain doesn’t care or if he’s colorblind. I’m hoping it’s not the latter.

I say, “Luca, what color bowl do you want?”
Luca: “Color!”
Me: “No, pick a color.”
Luca: “Orange.” (it’s always orange.)
Me: “Luca, that’s blue.”
Luca: “Boo?”
Me: “What color is that bowl?”
Luca: “Color!”


She’s turning 4 in two weeks.

I get reminded daily.

In fact, she just told me not two seconds ago.

This is going to be a different birthday. A first for me. Why? Because she has specifications. She has ideas. She has vision. Of course, because of this, I have to act on it. Last year it was:

Me: “Claire, what kind of birthday party do you want?”
Claire: “I get toys?”
Me: “Yes. But what theme do you want?”
Claire: “Theme?”
Me: “Yah, like, Hello Kitty, Backyar-”
Claire: “Hello Kitty!”

Done. I got some Hello Kitty plates and called it a day.

This time, she wants a Pittsburgh Penguins theme. I’ve had to channel my inner Martha Stewart to make this happen. Even though this is a Steelers/Penguins proud town, it’s really very hard to find Penguins decorations. That means I have to make them.

No problem, really, it’s just time consuming. I made her a birthday banner, which is awesome by the way, and when Claire read it, she said, “Um, Mom. It says Claire. Shouldn’t it say Crosby?” So I tried to explain to her that Crosby’s birthday was in August and that went over like a lead balloon.

Long story short – she’s OK with it saying Claire, because in her mind she can make it say Crosby.


I bought 30 black and yellow (I know, but they didn’t have gold) balloons, tons of streamers and I’m making Penguins logo toothpicks for the tops of the cupcakes.

And the cupcakes? Yes. They are going to be chocolate with peanut butter frosting. Black and Gold. YES.


I have finally put my money where my mouth is and decided to run the FULL marathon in May of 2012. Yes, I’m crazy like that. I’ve decided to run it through the Lemieux Foundation for many reasons. One, he’s a really good man and a great representation of the city of Pittsburgh. For those who have no idea, Mario Lemieux is one of hockey’s finest, but he also is a cancer survivor. His foundation does great things – so many things in fact – that it’s just easier if y’all read about it.

I have so many causes I could run for, MS for my Grandma, Alzheimer’s for my late Grandma and Grandpa, American Lung Association for my husband and his asthma…the list is endless. I wanted to run for a cause that I believe in on a local level. Mario still lives in Pittsburgh. He believes in this city, so I believe in him and his cause.

So don’t be surprised when, in a few months, I start posting my donation site for the marathon. I made a lofty goal of 1500 dollars, and I don’t really expect to make it, but it’s still a goal.

I’m running 26.2 miles. That’s a lot of miles.


He’s running the Marathon, too. This is the man who, just last year, was complaining that I had signed him up for a 5K. 

I’ve never been prouder.

So, that’s what’s going on in our house. Now it’s time for yoga.


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  1. Poor Mae! Doesn’t she realize she’s on her way to Tumblr superstardom? Nobody like a beaten-up baby. At least running into things while trying to walk is better than scratching herself. When I see a self-scratching infant, I get so freaked out. Not that I haven’t totally scratched myself in my sleep as an adult.

    I think you should start by teaching Luca the color of his pee. Boys are into pee, right?

    I’m actually kind of proud of you and Matt for running. I might have to contribute a couple of my pennies, even.

  2. So you realize we’re gonna need a shit-ton of photos from this Crosby party, right?

    OK, good. Just making sure.

  3. Has Claire ever shown any interest in actually playing hockey?
    Cuz you know that girls can play some hockeyin Pittsburgh… Might as well start her young.

  4. BTW, I like the new design. I might even be able to see everything when I check in from my archaic IE6 browser at work.

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of great stuff going on. I am loving Mae a Day! And Iove all the work you put into Claire’s birthday party. You’re such a great super mom.

    Best of luck with the marathon. I know you’ll kick its ass!

  6. So do you have a donation site already? I’m in a donating kinda mood today, so if you have one send it over…. and repeatedly remind me. I am no good for donating blood (terrible experience once and AB+ doesn’t lend me to want to continue to try) but I am good for some cash. Makes my soul feel better. Anyway, message me. I’d recommend Crowdrise if you haven’t created a page yet…..

  7. Good luck on your marathon training! that’s a lot of running but if anyone can do it.. it’s you!

    I love Luca’s “color” answer. I never had a favorite color, so I was never picky on colors.. and truth be told, I love colorful stuff so “color” is my kind of answer! haha

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