Because I felt like it

I’m not much of a planner, and I totally don’t even pretend to be one. I’ve always been a by the seat of my pants kind of girl. And I find no shame in that.

Every so often I just feel like doing something. So I do. I make no excuses,, I just button down and get ‘er done.

For example: I decided I was going to join the Army. I don’t really know why, but I know part of it had to do with the being selfless and the other part had to do with the dog tags. Which, ironically enough, are sitting next to me.

I pretty much said, “I’m joining the Army,” and then, I did it.


Then I decided that I was going to marry Matt. Come hell or high water, that boy was stuck with me. And while I didn’t propose to him, I would have.

And not all things I decide to do are life-changing.

Sometimes, when the kids go down for naps, I get a taste in my mouth for something – cake, pie, cookies, whathaveyou, and it gets so bad to the point where I have to have it. Now. Just last week it was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. So I made it. And it was good.

And a few months ago, I wanted to draw again.

So I did.

And yesterday, I felt like making a yarn wreath.

So I did.

Sure, it took three hours and I burned my fingers multiple times from the hot glue gun, but dammit, I got it done.

I’m not Martha Stewart. Not by a long shot. And I’m totally NOT a perfectionist. I just like to do things and when I get an idea in my head it’s like trying to keep up with a tornado. It ain’t happening. I want it, and I want it now.

It took Matt nearly 7 years, but now he finally understands this. He’ll say to the kids, “Mommy is on a mission. Just try to keep out of her way.” But before then, oh the arguments we’d have.

Matt: “You want what?”
Me: “Nachos.”
Matt: “And you want it now?”
Me: “Well, I wanted it like an hour ago, but you keep arguing with me about it.”
Matt: “So you’re making nachos.”
Me: “Yup. As soon as you get back from the store with the stuff.”

Real story. Of course, I was pregnant, and totally playing the pregnant card, otherwise I would have driven myself to the store. But you only get 9 months of using that card and by god I was going to use it.

And people wonder why I have three kids. Ha.

I guess, then, that I would be classified as impulsive. I can deal with that. And I try like hell to keep it in check, but sometimes I’ve just gotta have cake. With chocolate frosting. Like now. Not yesterday.

And those around me tend to benefit from my impulsiveness.

Everyone gets cake!

And awesome yarn wreaths to look at.

And cool drawings.

And sometimes residual hip pain from the fracture compliments of the Army.  (Oh wait, that’s just for me.)

I guess we could also say I’m stubborn, but that’s another post for another day.

Bottom line. Don’t over analyze life. There’s just no point. Planning is good – great, even. But it’s just not me. I know that tomorrow I’ll go to spin class and make the kids lunch and cook dinner, but everything else I leave on God’s good humor. Because that’s who I am.

And I’ll do what I do, because I feel like it.

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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. Wow, your drawings are amazing. I am super jealous of that talent! I’d love to have you do Grant’s face. Do you take commission work? 🙂

    • You know, it’s funny you say this. A few months ago I had tossed the idea around, and then never really did anything with it. I’m totally down for it, but what I worry about is that people will expect more than what I can do. Meaning – I’m afraid it won’t be good enough or live up to others’ expectations. I’m not a professional, nor did I go to school for it. It’s just something I do well. Make sense?

      • Makes sense. I would totally pay you to do one of Grant, though. 😉

      • I’ll tell you what – pick out a few photos that you like of mostly face. I hate body and background. (And frankly, it takes away from the beautiful face.) And email them to me at Cassandrelu at gmail dot com. We can go from there. He’s got such a great face. I could own that.

  2. You remind me of Susan so much in this post! No wonder it was so easy to become friends with you. 🙂

    I wish I was more like that. I can be spontaneous, but it can be difficult. I always enjoy it when I am though!

  3. At least when you do something spontaneously, you follow through and finish it. That puts you in a whole different category.

    Also, you draw like THAT and still worry that it wouldn’t be good enough for commission work??? Girl, please. You should just stick a linked button on this here blog and offer your services. There… impulsively do THAT…

  4. LOVE that you are spontaneous! I am not. I am very vanilla…..a Jennifer Anniston (without the looks and money) if you will. I plan and it bothers me when I don’t and I hate this about myself. Yes, I get things done but I often feel like I miss out on living….truly living because of it. I certainly need to work on this….thanks for this post to remind me :). Love the drawings very much and I too would pay you too for an Amelia/Evelyn sketch too 🙂

    • I am so glad that you grasped that from this post! It truly makes my day. It’s so hard for me to get a planner to bend. Even just a little. Life is short – so enjoy it!

  5. Eh, I’m a planner. Very much so. I plan and feel like I fail when I try to do something spontaneous. I mean, sure, sometimes it works out. But I feel better if I can plan so I don’t forget important or even minor details. Of course, with this comes the over analyzing and such. And when I get an idea? Like for a recipe or craft, I spend time looking up what all I need for it – planning if you will. Maybe because I lack creativity? ha. I have no idea. Anyway, I love the yarn wreath and have thought about making one, I just don’t have a place for it right now. Not until spring I guess. And the cake makes me hungry. And the pregnant card? I can’t wait to be able to use mine some! Sure, I’ve gotten Craig to let Milo out for me, and some other silly random things but not be sent out for something that I don’t feel like going to get or doing something I don’t feel like doing… yet. 🙂

  6. I hate to say “I told you so,” but DID I NOT tell you so when it came to your theoretical custom-portrait business?! You’re extremely talented, and people will PAY YOU for it!


    You are living proof of what I always say: Anything can happen whenever you feel like it (and most often will) when you are not parked in front of the television.

    Television is evil. Except for Law & Order. And The Office. The End.

    • I’m reading this as I’m sitting in front of the TV. Is that horrible? I think so.

      But the kids are napping and I can finally watch a show I LIKE not some awful cartoon.

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