Firefighters are the bomb part deux

It’s been almost a year since the kids visited one of our local fire stations.

So, we were due.

Firefighter Larry (as Claire calls him) texted me asking if the kids would be able to come by for another visit. Well, duh, of course we would.

I don’t know about you, but fire stations make my kids feel the need to dance.

There’s nothing like an ambulance and a fire truck to remind Luca why he totes his step stool everywhere he goes.

For the record, both Claire and Luca can pick an ambulance out no matter the situation. Same goes for police cars – which I’ve found to be a very good thing, especially if I’m having a case of lead foot.

Of course, fire halls mean bars. So why wouldn’t I stick Mae on the bar and take photos? I’m only human.

Sorry, buddy. Don’t think you’re getting served today.

Apparently it’s hilarious to try to lock everyone out of the fire car. Too bad the window was down, Duc.

That – is a large piece of machinery.

Claire says: “Best birthday week ever.”

What’s a visit to the fire station without trying on the fire gear?

Best part about it all?

It totally made her lean to the side.

“I’m a real fire fighter, now, Mama!”

Thank you to all of those who volunteer to make our lives safer. I have nothing but mad respect for all fire fighters, police officers, EMTs and Paramedics. With out y’all…well, I don’t want to know where we’d be.

So thanks.

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  1. Great photos! What an awesome field trip mom. I’m going to take a note out of your book here in a few years.

    p.s. That photo of Claire leaning made me literally laugh out loud.

  2. They’re all so adorable! I should probably have Mae’s shirt in an adult size. (I like that I had to mention that I’d need it in an adult size, as if you might have been confused.)

    Your local fire station is pretty cool to let you guys swing by like that. Seems so quaintly small-town.

  3. You are SUCH a cool mom. Before, I would’ve been too intimidated to take Harper to the fire station, but now, I’m TOTALLY going to do that when she’s old enough.

    The Leaning Tower of Claire is the BEST, dude.

    • We’re going to go to a police station eventually. It did, in my case, help knowing the firefighter personally, but you can call any VFD and ask them if you can have a tour. It’s so fun for the kids and it’s free!

  4. She reminds me of E.T. with all the gear on!

  5. So you’re really THAT cool that fire stations just call to invite you over? Wow.

    LOL’ed at the full Leaning Claire shot. It reminded me of those old Tim Conway “Dorf” sketches.

  6. How cool. Do they still slide down poles? That was always my favorite part of the firehouse as a kid. We’d always walk downtown on Wednesday nights because that was the night they washed all the trucks. Loved firemen as a kid. Of course, I still do.

  7. Glad they feel the need to dance at the firehouse lol bc that first picture made me lol…so did the leaning tower of Claire. What is up with no poles to slide down? Bummer! Well, I am glad they had a good time and what a great little adventure/field trip, Mom!

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