Can I get a “what, what” for not getting pooped on?

Last week I took the kids to the Aviary. It’s good for about an hour of fun, which could be more, but a certain four year old has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to the place. Luca sat on a bench looking at all the birds, and I’m pretty certain that he would have sat there all day because A.) it was super warm and humid in there and B.) he’s surprisingly patient for a two year old.

One of the many things I love about the Aviary is that it’s pretty hands on and self guided. Given that you don’t get your hand bit off.

The only thing Claire cares about there are the penguins. She, of course, dressed herself. And she handles the map.

Claire made sure to tell me that there was “cash inside the penguin’s head.” She then proceeded to jam her finger inside to make sure that no one stole the money for the penguins. I think she was partly disappointed when I told her that the money wasn’t actually for Crosby, rather it was for the animals.

For the record, it didn’t laugh at me.

The tropical room is just that. Hot and humid. As soon as I tried to take a photo, my lens would fog up. Claire thought the birds were neat and all, but the pink caution sign was pretty damn spectacular.

Luca was amazed at how smooth the ‘rocks’ were. Even more so, that the birds completely ignored him.

Mae was pretty upset with her teeth that day and the birds served as a pretty good distraction. So much so that she spent the majority of the time growling.

Then some of the birds started calling back, which intrigued her.

Claire was very bossy that day. She insisted on going back to the penguins three separate times. Then she was adamant that I take a picture of Sidney the penguin. (For those who aren’t in the loop, that’s Crosby’s first name.) In fact, Claire made me take 3 different photos of her. (I think they’re all girls. But don’t quote me.)

Then Luca decided to dance in front of the penguins.

In this room, the birds were divebombing. This, of course, freaked the ever loving poop out of Claire. So, she decided to be brave and put her taekwondo to the test and ducked when a bird would swoop. She also threw in a few punches and a kick for good measure.

(Is it wrong that I laughed?)

There was a very large bird cleaning itself. To hell if I know what kind it was. No one was offering the information and I had three kids to keep an eye on instead of reading the signs. Anyhow, Mae was obsessed. She grabbed on to the railing with an iron grip and proceeded to growl. She was straight up white knuckled. And then she growled some more.

The kids read the sign for me instead.

Then we ended our trip at the penguins yet again because Luca learned he could crawl underneath and taunt them.

Claire thought the bathroom was awesome, so I took a picture of us in it. At this point, I was tired from holding Mae in that carrier and my diaper bag that weighs about 50 pounds. (Well, techinically it’s not a diaper bag, it’s a messenger bag from H&M, but I’ve been using it since Luca was a tiny baby and it works for me. And Matt. Because really, two separate bags are just a pain in the butt. Been there done that.)

So. Good trip had by all.

And as opposed to last visit, Claire didn’t get chased by a over sized pigeon.


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  1. What struck me most about this post is how easy it is to take cool aerial shots of people when they’re, like, two feet tall.

    I was like, “Wonder what she’s standing on.”

    And then I was like, “Oh, wait.”

  2. Happy growl, yes! I love that the birds responded to her.

    I’m still continually impressed with your ability to take three kids out on a fun adventure and come out sane. I stress out with just one still.

    I love Claire’s penguins outfit. I wore my Crosby shirt again yesterday. I’ll snap a pic for you and Claire soon.

    • Jess, you’ll learn how to do it. Eventually it becomes a necessity so that you don’t go crazy. I figure I’ll either choke a bitch for being pent up or suck it up and drag the kids out.

  3. It always cracks me up about what things kids consider important when they go to places like the Aviary.

    I love that Claire dressed for Penguins.

    And one day when she’s older, she’s going to be hanging out with friends and she’s going to say, “Yeah, I had a bird divebomb me at the Aviary, and I went all Tae Kwan Do on it’s feathery ass.” Instant badass cred.

  4. Mae looks like she shares my general attitude toward birds, which is BLECH.

    (That tends to happen when you grow up surrounded by chickens, ducks, killer geese and TURKEYS, all of which are nothing more than be-feathered shitting machines, by the way.)

    I don’t even like parakeets.

    That penguin in the ninth photo is kind of cute, though. But I bet it shits everywhere, too.

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