coming out … into the world of taking your money

So, I finally took Bluz’s advice and decided to offer my portrait services to the public. I’m not saying that I started an Etsy store or something like that. Basically, someone asked me if I do it, and I said sure, and it’s been on since. And it’s pretty exciting in the fact that I’m doing what I love to do. I mean, sure, I could sit here and draw my own kids all day, but I’d run out of wall space very quickly.

A few months ago, I surprised Jessica with a drawing of her sweet Sarah. A simple 8×10. Little did I know that that simple 8×10 is a good standard for portraits. I typically draw my portraits much larger which makes for very difficult time in framing it. As we speak, the drawings I did of the kids are still taped to the wall…

Le sigh.

So here’s where it gets dicey in my mind. I love to draw. I think I’m pretty good at it. But – I have my own standards where others’ may be higher or lower than mine. For those who have lower standards, you are my favorite. But those who have higher standards, I worry that my final project won’t match up to what they thought they were going to get. That it won’t be good enough.

I look at the drawing of the girls and know that that right there is my base standard of drawing. Then I look at my drawing of Luca and realize that I was inspired, because that drawing is super high quality. It’s hard to match that.

With that said, I’m saying now that I’m drawing portraits for a fee. (Stop smiling, Bluz.) And since it’s everyone’s first question as to how much it is, here’s how it breaks down:

5×7 : 65-75 dollars depending on difficulty
8×10: 100-150 again, depending on difficulty of photo
8×10 with two faces: 150-175
8×10 with more than two faces 175-200
11×14: 175-200

(Of course, with all these prices, we can always chat. I’m a reasonable person just trying to make my way in the world. Also – I don’t frame these portraits. You get them in their raw form.)

Any size larger – talk to me. I love doing large portraits. LOVE IT, but like I said, it’s hard to frame. But, if you’re willing to put down the cash to get it professionally framed or take the time and frustration to custom frame it yourself, have at it, and I’m your girl. The drawings of my kids are 14×16  inches and larger, for reference.

I love photos of the face. What I don’t love is full body. Pretty sure I can guarantee it that it won’t turn out very well. Just a forewarning. However, I am able to draw hands and feet, so if it’s one of those artistic photos of you with your baby’s hands/feet, I’m sure I could handle it.

As we all know, I specialize in babies, but I can handle adults and I’ve drawn several elderly before. (Some of the famous people I’ve drawn in the past are Ghandi, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.) I love all kinds of photos, so don’t think that they have to be straight on and posed. I’m an artist, after all.

I’d like to say that the quality of the photo that I have to work off of increases the quality of my final product – however, I recently turned two cell phone portraits into something pretty spectacular. (I’d love to show y’all, but I don’t know who reads this and it’s a birthday gift and I’d hate to spill the beans!) I’ll share it as soon as the person receives the gifts.

That said, it’s on. Email me at Cassandrelu at gmail dot com if you’d like to do business and discuss the finer points of the transactions. Or if you just want to shoot the shit. I’m good at that, too.


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Two sisters from two misters. What could be more fun?

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  1. I’ll keep this in mind for next year. 🙂

  2. I support you 100%! From afar! With my wallet firmly closed!

    No, but really, I’m so glad you’re doing this, and I would really, really love to have this done for an anniversary or something. And I think you should set up an Etsy shop to get more exposure.

  3. I’m so proud of you! The prices are totally reasonable, and I agree with Katie Ett – an Etsy store should definitely be your next step.

  4. No, your next step should be creating a button for your blog, that your friends could post on theirs, to send you business.

    And mark me down as saying that you are incredibly talented at this. You are going to have some very satisfied customers, regardless of their standards.

  5. I agree with Bluz, I would link to your business. I love my portrait you did of Sarah so much. It is one of my most special gifts and I’m so thankful to you for doing it for me. I may have to recommission you for her first birthday. And I see that you’re drawing dogs now too, I love that!

  6. Sweetie, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you are calling yourself an artist! Yay! ‘Bout time, girl! I think this is super fantastically awesome! What a great gift to the world.

    Oh, and two words on framing: American Frame. I frame EVERYTHING, large and small, by ordering all my framing supplies from them. It’s a quarter of the cost of getting it done at a frame shop (those places are complete ripoffs) and really super easy to order and assemble your frames. Here’s the link to their site:

    And, one more thing: is there a family discount? 😉

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