It has to be said.

(No one will ever change my mind on this, so don’t even try.)

Let me start by saying that I follow the moral code of personal responsibility and the notion that if something bad wasn’t stopped, then I didn’t do enough. I run my life by using common sense and compassion.

That said, I could give a shit that JoePa and Spainer were fired. Good riddance. I can honestly say that following the “minimal legal requirements” wasn’t good enough in my mind. Legalities aside, PRIDE aside, it wasn’t enough.

How do they sleep at night?

“I’ve just been really upset about it all,” said the sister of one of the boys molested by Sandusky, “because a lot of people aren’t focusing on the victims in this. And instead they’re focusing on other things, like football.”

This is what I care about. I care about those victims. All I’ve heard about since this has broken loose is about JoePa and his terrible suffering. 

As a parent of three small children, it’s hard to express the rage I feel that no one helped that kid. I’ve had nightmares, wondering if he heard the door open and thought he was saved, only to hear the door open and close again.

Let that sink in.

There have been jokes made about it. People saying that those kids were “Sanduskied.” SANDUSKIED. What the fuck is wrong with people?

This has affected me to the point where I can’t sleep without dreaming about it. I keep imaging what those poor boys went through. I look at Luca and I feel sick. The thought that those who knew perhaps thought that the boys were expendable. Expendable. As if because of where they come from, it didn’t matter. That the situation will just go away.

Can you imagine what that must have been like for those boys? Have you tried? Rather, could you imagine what it’d be like if it was your son, your nephew, your grandson… your neighbor?

What if it was you? What if it was you in that shower stall, being attacked by a monster, not knowing better because you were younger, helpless and scared? What would you want? Would you think that the “minimum legal requirements” were enough for you? Would you think that if you heard someone coming in and then leaving you with that horrible man was right?

Where’s the compassion?

What is wrong with this picture?

Those boys deserved better. Sandusky, JoePa, Spainer, McQueary and all those involved have bruised egos. The boys who were RAPED  have their whole lives to live with it. To live with the emotional pain and suffering. Those boys needed to be saved.

What they got were cowards.

Football is just a sport. And for the majority, it stops after high school. For most it’s not a career and it isn’t life changing.

And what is rape? It’s painful, brutal, terrifying and dehumanizing. It DOES change your life. And not for the better.

Those boys deserved better…

My thoughts are with all the victims and their families. May Sandusky rot in jail and wait for his judgement day…here and beyond.


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  1. I 100% agree with you. There are no acceptable excuses. I think about my daughter experiencing something like that and it’s enough to make me throw up. How do people live with themselves?

  2. And may they show him how it feels in prison. :-X It’s bad to say that, I know. But he deserves much worse than the same exact punishment. This was a child. And he doesn’t even show remorse or regret. Who cares about football when it comes to what happened to this child? People baffle me.

  3. I’m a Penn State Alum, and the sister of a current Penn State Junior. I am also a mom, a human being – that goes above all else. I completely agree with you. This is absolutely sickening. The way the students who rioted behaved is shameful and scares me.

  4. Amen, sister. What I can’t believe is that Sandusky hasn’t sucked on a tailpipe, yet. I’m glad. It would be too good for him and would keep all those Penn State douches from having to testify. But man, does he realize what he’s going to be in for?

    I’m with you. Less Penn State; more State Pen.

  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. I kind of missed it when this story broke, so the details of it have been totally lost on me. For all I know, your “JoePa” did the raping himself.

    No matter what actually happened, you should be a rape victim’s rights advocate. ‘Cause I am convinced.

  6. Deb K from Harrisburg

    I completely agree. No matter what the wrong is, when people see or learn of abuse they must speak out and take action to rescue the victims. Everyone who was aware of the situation but did not take action to stop it was complicit. I hope that Sandusky strikes a plea bargain so that the victims will be spared from testifying to establish his guilt.

  7. Couldn’t agree more, especially the part about how the victims have been forgotten b/c most have chosen to make this entirely about football and JoePa. They and their families are in my prayers, and at this point I could care less about the Penn State football program.

  8. I had this debate with my brother this morning. His view his Joe Pa tried to bring this to the attention of his boss and for that he shouldn’t be penalized. My thought is if he knew that nothing was being done (the guy didn’t go to jail) then he should have taken matters into his own hands. I mean exactly how could he deal with this guy on a day to day basis knowing what he knew about him without wanting to get this guy in jail?!?1 Its amazing to me. But my brother, the sports fan that he is, feels that Joe Pa tried and for that he should be relieved of all blame.

  9. Remembering, of course, that Joe Pa’s “boss”–Tim Curley–was one of his former players who probably still calls him “coach”.

  10. When a friend of mine posted a link to the grand jury testimony, I could only get to page three. It made me sick to my stomach. What monsters. From what I can tell, football is full of thugs and criminals (Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, etc.). I know that a few rotten apples shouldn’t spoil it for all, but it just seems there have been too many rotten apples coming out of the sport these days. It’s all so tragic and so very wrong.

  11. Damn right, mama bear. Damn right.

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